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Guatemala coffee for Espresso

Fiery volcanoes, huge lakes, huge lakes with fiery volcanoes. Guatemala has an iconic postcard worthy landscape that attracts folk from all over the world. It just so happens that the very things that make Guatemala so unique, the volcanoes also play a huge role in providing rich and nutrient land for coffee to grow.

Coffee has been growing in Guatemala since the 1850’s and was always one of main exports for the Guatemalan economy. Right up until the early twenty first century coffee was one of the main economic players in Guatemala. Unfortunately since the coffee crisis in 2001 and many farmers now choosing to farm other more profitable crops, coffee has been on the decline.

One of the great things about coffee production in Guatemala is the fact that many of the farms have their own wet stations so they are able to process their own coffee meaning that many of the coffees leaving the country are traceable right back to the farm.

Guatemalan coffee’s are highly regarded in the speciality coffee world because of the range of different flavours that can be found. The taste profiles can span all the way from light floral or citrus tones all the way through to deeper full bodied chocolatey notes.

The naturals are particularly interesting because Guatemala is normally associated with washed coffees, but naturally processed coffees have recently taken off. With the infrastructure and education that already existed in the Guatemalan coffee industry it's easy to see why they have recently produced some high quality naturals.

We have a huge selection of both blended and single origin espresso coffees from artisan roasters. They range from espresso beans giving a luxurious crema and rich chocolatey, nutty flavours, thru to some lighter roasted beans that produce vibrant and bright espressos.

Use the filtering below to help you find the espresso coffees you are after.

We also have a Hand Picked selection with coffees that are fantastic as straight espressos or ideal in based milky drinks

We're coffee enthusiasts at heart and if you need some assistance in selecting your coffees we would love to help. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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Save as favourite Foundry Coffee Roasters: Guatemala, Damaris Camposeco, Washed, Whole bean
from 250g: £9.00
From Foundry Coffee Roasters: We loved this coffee the first time we tried it and we also struggled to decide whether it was a 'comfort' or 'adventure' coffee - but decided in the end that the nutty notes and the smooth caramel and creamy chocolate body just pushed it into...
Save as favourite Blind Owl Coffee: Guatemala, El Esperanza, Washed
from 250g: £7.00
From Blind Owl Coffee: Grown at a high altitude in the Western region of Guatemala, this strain of coffee has been carefully nurtured on farmland owned by Fransisco Morales and his family. Soaking in plenty of sunlight in a plush valley, these beans are full of fruity flavour. In the...
Save as favourite Rounton Coffee Roasters: Guatemala, Finca Rabanales, Pulped Natural
from 250g: £7.25
From Rounton Coffee Roasters: Don Gregorio Zamora founded Finca Rabanales - now run by his great great grandchildren, this farm has been in the family for five generations. Of the five siblings that make up the family, Rafael and Maria Elenamanage the farm on a daily basis. Rafael manages the...
Save as favourite Casa Espresso: Guatemala, Ayarza Cherry Mill – El Retiro, Natural
from 250g: £8.75
From Casa Espresso: We have chosen this stunning coffee together with the washed from the same mill. The cherries are dried for 19-20 days on patio. This is Ayarza’s first year at processing naturals, and what a great coffee for their first time at it. Based in Santa Rosa, south...
Save as favourite Dear Green Coffee: Guatemala, Santa Marta, Washed
from 250g: £9.00 - FREE Delivery
From Dear Green Coffee: David Rodriguez is the second-generation coffee producer on this farm. He started with about 20 manzanas (a manzanda is about 0. 7 hectares) and slowly grew his farm to the 45. 5 hectare it is today. At the beginning, very few people believed that he could...
Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Guatemala, San Agustin, Washed
from 250g: £8.50
From Artisan Roast: The city of Antigua in Guatemala is one of the most stunning coffee growing regions in world to visit, and the coffee has built an enviable reputation for excellent quality over many many years. The city itself is steeped in the history of the old Central American...
Save as favourite Hundred House Coffee: Guatemala, Finca Villaure, Washed
from 227g: £9.00
From Hundred House Coffee: With altitudes over 2,000 meters, Huehue is the highest region of Guatemala. Historically, it has been one of the more remote areas of the country and accessibility has been challenging. In the past, many farmers used oxen or have had to carry their coffees on their...
Not available to United Kingdom
Save as favourite Hundred House Coffee: Guatemala, Finca Quejina, Washed
from 227g: £9.00
From Hundred House Coffee: Quejina is a family-owned farm and has been in Nicolas Ramirez's family since it was first used for forestry harvesting (lumber, timber) and then once it was converted to coffee land. Nicolas hopes to expand the land by buying more plots nearby, to separate out more...
Not available to United Kingdom