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Help - Where do I start?

Set your preferences

If this is your first visit then it helps to set your preferences. These are saved and used to show the best coffees based on your country and preferences.

Your current delivery zone is United Kingdom

The following roasters deliver to : Artisan Roast,Blind Owl Coffee Co,Brewup Coffee,Cast Iron Coffee Roasters,Dear Green Coffee,F & E Coffee,Heart & Graft Coffee Roastery,Long and Short Coffee,Outpost Coffee Roasters,Rinaldos Coffee,Rounton Coffee Roasters,The Coffee Roasters,Weanie Beans

Have a browse

At the top of each page click on:

76 amazing coffees + : to select groups of coffee, such as Most Popular, New Arrivals, Special etc

to return to the home page

19 artisan roasters + : to show all coffees for a specific roaster

Do some filtering

You can filter the coffees by Origin, Roaster, Flavour notes etc. These are shown before the lists of coffee.

'Greyed out' coffees don't match your preferences

Save a fave

If you find a coffee or roaster that looks good - save it as a favourite so you can quickly return to it later.

If you remove your cookies you will lose your favourites!

Searching, searching...

We have super-duper searching that lets you find:

  • coffee to buy on our site
  • the roasters we work with
  • other roasters in the UK
  • green bean suppliers (coming soon)

Just enter some keywords in the search box. Here are some examples:

  • "espresso 1000g chocolate" - all coffee good for espresso in 1000g bags with chocolate flavour notes
  • "filter low acidity" - filter coffee with low acidity
  • "surrey OR berks*" - roasters in Surrey or Berks... (hint: you must use capital 'OR')

Isn't that nifty?

How much coffee do you drink?

Depending on how you like your coffee, expect between 15 - 30 cups from a 250g bag. When ordering, please note that some roasters will roast their beans daily, others will roast once a week. Remember to order enough to get you through.

Your shopping bag

Delivery is automatically calculated based on your delivery location. The total price in your bag is the total you will pay.

There is also Nifty little Calculator that shows you ...

Have some fun

There are a couple of little games to keep you amused...

  • Match the labels - flip the cards to match the coffees. When they're all uncovered, you get a 10% discount off your first order
  • Gather those beans! - Browse the site and gather up the beans. When your bag is full, we'll send you some free coffee

A bit stuck?

Contact us - we are always ready to help.

Ready to go

Explore the site, pick your coffees and they will be delivered directly from the roasters.

p.s. Impress your friends!

Having a dinner party or coffee morning soon? Tell your friends about your artisan roasted coffee - as recommended by MasterChef Lloyd!