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My story

The Coffee Roasters online shop is now closed

27 December 2021: It is with regret, that I have decided to close The Coffee Roasters, after more than 8 years of trading.

My personal situation has changed dramatically in the last two years and it is no longer feasible for me to continue. I would like to thank all my fantastic customers and roasters, who have made it such an incredible journey.

Thank you to all.

Lloyd Burgess, Founder

Do you struggle to make fantastic tasting coffee at home? Does it often taste bitter or with no real flavour? Are you fed up with the mass-produced coffee available in supermarkets?

There is a new wave of artisan-roasted speciality coffee and geeky home brewing equipment that might just help.  The coffees are hand-roasted in small batches by people who are passionate and obsessed with extracting amazing flavours from the beans. From filter coffees with vibrant tastes of berries or spices to espresso coffees with luxurious crema and rich chocolatey, nutty flavours. 

Hi, I’m Lloyd and I founded The Coffee Roasters, which provides the UK's widest selection of speciality coffee. I have built relationships with some top UK artisan roasters and you will find a huge range of their amazing coffees right here.

** NEW ** Check out our Hand-Picked range for specific brew methods.

I have always loved coffee and got frustrated when trying to find good beans online. I wasted too much time using Google to find roasters and then more time to navigate my way though their various sites to buy. Their coffee was amazing however I thought there must be an easier way to find and buy coffee online.

Hence The Coffee Roasters was born - one place, lots of amazing coffees.

We also offer a personalised subscription service by hand-selecting coffees to match your individual tastes and preferences.  This provides an effortless way to discover new & interesting coffees. Some of our first subscribers from 2014 are still with us and their continued loyalty really humbles me.

As a little treat for reading this, please use my code TCR-LLOYD to get a 50% discount off your first 250g bag when you sign up to our personalised coffee subscription. Plus I will personally select your coffee based on your method & preferences. Get started here

In October 2017 I was accepted into the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator programme in Brighton. The journey so far has been amazing.

My vision is for The Coffee Roasters to be the best & easiest place to buy speciality coffee online. If you have a passion for coffee and would like to help us with my vision - I would love to hear from you. Let’s create a truly amazing place where coffee lovers, geeks & discoverers unite.

P.s. if you are looking for UK roasters that are local to you, then use my BIG List & map - probably the most definitive resource there is.

Lovely comments
"Lloyd - The coffee that arrived (Artisan Roasters) which you selected were superb! Thanks for your attention to service - ensured that I came back!" - Neil, London - May 2020

"Thank you for an excellent service." - Steven, Cumbria - May 2020

"Thanks for investigating for me always excellent service." - Alex, Oxford - April 2020

"Coffee received today! Awesome customer service. Thanks" - Tom, Wales - January 2020

"The last 3-4 coffees have been outstanding! Thank you!" - Nick, London - July 2019

"Hey Lloyd, this last shipment of coffee was incredible quality. It was the tastiest coffee I ever tasted. Wonderful! Love your service Lloyd, keep up the good work!" - Miha, Slovenia - July 2019

"Many thanks for your assistance. As always, customer service has been great and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone" - Louise, Glasgow - May 2019

"Hi Lloyd. I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing service you have been providing over the last number of months." - Philip, Bath - March 2018

"Much appreciated, every order has been fantastic and the whole process really takes the stress out of picking different coffee’s! So much so in fact that I’ve recommended you to a few guys at work!" - Alex, Oxford - Aug 2015