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Our service and subscription
"Many thanks. Wonderful customer service as always." - Louise, Glasgow - April 2019

"Great service thank you Lloyd." - Rob, Northampton- February 2019

"Thanks Lloyd, your service and coffee is second to none!" - Mark, Northern Ireland - Dec 2018

"As always thank you for your swift response and help." - Dwayne, Norfolk - September 2018

"Have found some excellent roasters through you, and have had nothing but perfect service" - Steven, Merseyside - September 2018

"By the way - I’m really enjoying the service - just upped the order from one a month to one a week!" - Marcus, Cheshire - August 2018

"I have come to the end of a year of coffee with you which was bought for me as a gift by my children. It has been excellent and I have recommended you to a few people. I need to cancel my subscription for the time being. I think that I will probably return at some point in the future though." - Chris, Bristol - August 2018

"Hi Lloyd, I have recieved the coffee. Thank you! I have told you previously but praises are alway good for the soul:) You are the best!" - Dane, Slovenia - July 2018

"Thank you so much for all the care, Lloyd. I truly admire your patience :)" - Damirz, Sarajevo - April 2018

"Hey Lloyd, I just wanted to drop you a note to say “thanks” for sorting out this request for me. What a great service you provide! I’ll try to remember to order via The Coffee Roasters rather than going direct." - Mark, Basingstoke - March 2018

"Hi Lloyd. I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing service you have been providing over the last number of months." - Philip, Bath - March 2018

"Thanks. It's a great service. Enjoying variety." - Michael, Bristol - February 2018

"Lloyd, Thank you so very much for the emergency shipment of the very fine Kenyan coffee from London. It is a delicious coffee indeed, particularly in contrast with what we were resorting to. You were very generous to send this with your compliments. Thank you." - Robert, London - February 2018

"Dear Lloyd - Thank you for this really wonderful coffee subscription service. It's done with such care and good thinking. A real pleasure to feel part of." - Marianne, London - Aug 2015

"Thanks for confirming, I can't tell you how impressed I am with how helpful you've been!" - Toby, London

"Thanks for the swift reply, amazing level of service. Thank you for your extra ordinary level of customer care, appreciated!" - Joni, Finland

"I just bought some coffee using the coffee roasters website. It is a very good service and it is good for speciality coffee and exposing people to the world of coffee. I hope it is marketed far and wide. I hope more roasters sign up." - Andrew Tolley, Brighton

"Much appreciated, every order has been fantastic and the whole process really takes the stress out of picking different coffee’s! So much so in fact that I’ve recommended you to a few guys at work!" - Alex, Oxford - Aug 2015

"My coffee subscription for my brother has gone down very well. He's delighted with your coffee and its flavours. Thanks for earning me brownie points! :)" - Joanne

"Hi Lloyd - I put the Horsham Coffee Roaster, Duhoho, East Timor through a V60. Insanely good! Really interesting profile. Thanks!" - Nick, London - March 2019

"They are loving the coffee and have kept every wrapper!" - Cindy, Bristol - January 2019

" Just received the Foundry coffee - it tastes amazing! Also, just wanted to say thank you for reordering my coffee last week and for sending me over some in the meantime coffee to keep me going, I really appreciated it! :)" - Deanna, Essex - December 2017

"I just wanted to let know that I really enjoyed your latest tasting selection, especially the Gondo from Kenya and the natural from ethiopia were fantastic." - Ralf, Germany - Jan 2016

"Received the Rounton taster pack today. It is absolutely fantastic! Thank you for a great selection and a great service" - Mark, Cheltenham

"Wanted to tell you that we enjoy the coffee you send very much, by far the best coffee subscription service we've experienced! Many thanks!" - Alice, Ascot - Mar 2016

"I like the sound of your next selection! Really enjoyed the Cast Iron Thungari AA too. Delicious!" - Rob - Apr 2016

"Hello Lloyd, We're so enjoying tasting the huge variety of flavours contained in the taster packs we ordered" - Robert - July 2016

"On the Costa Rican substitute from Crafted Coffee, it’s beautiful :)" - Graham - August 2016

"The deliveries are always a treat but the last coffee from Ovenbird was particularly awesome!" - Chris - Nov 2016