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Welcome to The Coffee Roasters - providing a wide range of speciality coffee since 2013.

Are you tired of mass-produced, flavourless coffee from supermarkets? Tired of how complicated it can be to find great products online? The Coffee Roasters is the easiest place to find delicious artisan coffee, so you can make the perfect cup from the comfort of your own home.

Over the years, we have built relationships with some great UK artisan roasters, who hand-roast their coffee in small batches to create the most exciting flavours possible.

New coffees

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Rounton Coffee Roasters: Uganda, Ibanda, Natural Rounton Coffee Roasters: Uganda, Ibanda, Natural
from 250g: £7.75
Best for Filter
Flavour notes: Raspberry, kirsch, creamy
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Weanie Beans: El Salvador, Finca El Ingenio, Natural Weanie Beans: El Salvador, Finca El Ingenio, Natural
from 250g: £9.00
Best for Filter
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Artisan Roast: TRIGONOMETRY 2021 V.2 BLEND Artisan Roast: TRIGONOMETRY 2021 V.2 BLEND
from 250g: £7.50
Best for Espresso
Flavour notes: Delicate fruity notes of blueberry and raisin are complemented by a milk chocolate and digestive ginger sweetness. Excellent black or through milk
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Lovely comments
"Lloyd - The coffee that arrived (Artisan Roasters) which you selected were superb! Thanks for your attention to service - ensured that I came back!" - Neil, London - May 2020

"Thank you for an excellent service." - Steven, Cumbria - May 2020

"Thanks for investigating for me always excellent service." - Alex, Oxford - April 2020

"Coffee received today! Awesome customer service. Thanks" - Tom, Wales - January 2020

"The last 3-4 coffees have been outstanding! Thank you!" - Nick, London - July 2019

"Hey Lloyd, this last shipment of coffee was incredible quality. It was the tastiest coffee I ever tasted. Wonderful! Love your service Lloyd, keep up the good work!" - Miha, Slovenia - July 2019

"Many thanks for your assistance. As always, customer service has been great and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone" - Louise, Glasgow - May 2019

"Hi Lloyd. I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing service you have been providing over the last number of months." - Philip, Bath - March 2018

"Much appreciated, every order has been fantastic and the whole process really takes the stress out of picking different coffee’s! So much so in fact that I’ve recommended you to a few guys at work!" - Alex, Oxford - Aug 2015


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