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Here is all our artisan roasted coffee and golly, there is plenty to choose from. It is delivered directly from the roasters so you get the freshest coffee possible.

To find the best coffee for your tastes, it helps to set your preferences for - delivery country, method and milk. Click the My Preferences icons at the top left of the screen. in the right side menu.

You can also filter the coffees or search using keywords.

There are 3 ways to view the coffees - Grid, List or Bullets - chose the view you find easiest.

As you explore the site look out for the hidden beans.  Click them to add to your bag and get free coffee.


Hint: click one of the three different views

Save as favourite Hundred House Coffee - Guatemala - Co-Op Antigua - Washed - 250g Bag
From Hundred House Coffee: Coffee cultivation has a tradition of more than 140 years in Guatemala, and has been for several decades now, the country’s second most important source of income. Due to their aromatic qualities, the coffees from Guatemala are among the most coveted origins in the world. The...
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