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Looking for great roasted coffees? Rwandan coffees are some of the most highly rated in Africa. High-altitude and high-quality production help to produce a full-bodied, sweet, syrupy coffee, although flavours from this small country are often vary diverse. Discover our range chosen from UK artisan roasters here. We deliver straight from the roaster to your door to make sure you get the freshest coffee possible. Place your order today.
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Save as favourite Blind Owl Coffee: Rwanda, Nyamulinda, Washed
from £7.00
From Blind Owl Coffee: Rwanda’s high altitude and rich volcanic soils contribute to this coffee’s unique, intense flavour. This Red Bourbon coffee from the Southern region of Rwanda has been grown by a combined group of dedicated farmers, and is washed and processed on site. Farm/Coop: Nyamulinda LETTERBOX friendly (single...
Save as favourite Dear Green Coffee: Rwanda, Tumba, Washed
from £9.50 - FREE Delivery
From Dear Green Coffee: Tumba coffee washing station is located in the northern province of Rwanda, a region known for producing some of the finest coffee in the country. Tumba was established in 2007 and is now owned by Venuste Mugiraneza, the only founding member who was a local inhabitant. A former...
Save as favourite Horsham Coffee Roaster: Rwanda, Bwishaza, Dry Fermentation, Washed
from £6.75
We can’t get enough of the well balanced, clean and juicy fruit notes and excellent caramel sweetness created from this carefully produced, outstanding microlot. Dry fermentation exposes the coffee to more oxygen compared to the wet method and this can make a significant difference to the final flavours. Horsham Coffee...
Save as favourite Outpost Coffee: Rwanda, Musasa Washing Station, Washed
from £9.00
From Outpost Coffee: Musasa CWS production started in 2004 as the 1st CWS in Northern Province of Rwanda.   It is located in Ruli sector, Gakenke District, Northern Province owned by DUKUNDEKAWA cooperative. The cooperative is composed of 1,818 members among whom 33% are women. They are based into different...
Save as favourite Outpost Coffee: Rwanda, Buliza Washing Station, Natural
from £10.00
From Outpost Coffee: Buliza Coffee Washing Station is among the five coffee washing stations including Nkora Cws, Gishugi Cws, Cyebumba Cws, Kigeme Cws of CAFERWA / Olam Rwanda Ltd. Buliza specializes in processing of speciality coffee while building a sustainable, transparent and longterm relationship with farmers that supplies their cherries...
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: Rwanda, Abadahigwa, Tare Mountain, Decaffeinated
from £7.75
This coffee is from the TARE washing station in the Southern Province of Rwanda. Decaffeinated using the chemical free Swiss Water method. This still preserves the delicious qualities of this coffee.
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