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Discover our range of roasted coffees from Burundi. Grown in rich volcanic soils, coffee here is delicate, clean tasting with a full body and hint of acidity. Flavours tend to be sweet with wild fruity notes of citrus, passion-fruit and blueberry. We deliver our coffees straight from the roaster to your home, ensuring you get the freshest coffee.
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Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: Burundi, Gacokwe Washing Station, Washed
from £8.25
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: Gacokwe Washing Station is located in the town of Rango, which is located in Burundi’s Kayanza province. Roughly 2,000 coffee producers in the area deliver coffee to the station, either directly or to six local collection points that are affiliated to Gacokwe. Farmers here own less...
Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Burundi, Munkaze Washing Station, Washed
from £8.00
From Artisan Roast: The East African country of Burundi is often overlooked for its coffee quality but produces some of the most exceptional coffees in the region. Within the country the northern highland district of Kayanza sits alongside the border with Southern Rwanda and is home to Burundi’s highest quality...
Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee: Burundi, Mpanga, Washed
from £8.00
This is a typically floral coffee with a sweet body and notes of red currant, cranberry and jasmine. The Mpanga washing station is run by 15 year coffee veteran, Jean-Clement Birabereye, whose focus on quality has resulted in their coffees gaining 1st and 3rd places in the prestigious 2014 Burundi...
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