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Coffee from Burundi | All coffees

Located in Central Africa, Burundi’s mountainous geography and favourable climate are two of the reasons why it is one of the most highly sought after coffee’s in the world. Burundi is now experiencing a resurgence in the growing of coffee after years of civil war and conflict and has nearly started producing as much coffee as it was in its heyday.

The most common varietal in the country is Bourbon while others are also available. There are now many new farms across Burundi that have embraced speciality coffee and trade directly with roasters and buyers, which is a new thing in this country. Until 2008 all the coffee that left the country did so through the same washing systems making it very hard to trace the origin.

Typical taste profiles of Burundi coffee include berry and bright, juicy notes, it normally has very balanced acidity and mouthfeel and is a classic easy sipper. Unlike other East Africans, a Burundi coffee doesn’t typically have any crazy flavour profiles but always is often seen as an all-rounder.

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