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Brazilian coffee

Brazil is the world's biggest coffee producing country and has had that title for 150 years. It’s climate, land mass, population and ease of export all lead to the coffee producing giant that today grows one third of the overall coffee world wide.

Coffee in Brazil is far more than a crop or a drink, it is deeply entwined in its culture and history. It has also historically played a huge role in international markets and during the great depression of the 1930’s Brazil was producing 80% of the worlds coffee and ended up burning 78 million bags of stockpiled coffee in an effort to invigorate coffee prices.

The Brazilian coffee industry today is around 3.5 million people strong and has around 220,000 coffee farms of various sizes. While you can find many small holder farms in Brazil, the country was the first and still leads the way in industrialised coffee production.

While in the majority of the coffee growing countries of the world, the coffee cherry is picked by hand, in Brazil the large farms operate huge machinery to pick the coffee. The benefit of this is the massive quantities of coffee that can be harvested at once (the machines shake the cherries loose from the branches. This leads on to the downside of this technique which is, all of the cherries are harvested at once whether ripe or not. Although processing the coffee in certain ways can separate the ripe coffee, the invasive nature of the harvest coupled with the relatively low altitude of many Brazilin farms compromise on the overall flavour.

High quality coffee can be traced back to the exact coffee farm however considering the size of certain farms and the amount of coffee they produce it isn’t always the same quality as other countries.

Typically, Brazilian coffee is found in espresso blends across the world. This is because of it’s low acidity, sweet nutty flavour and chocolatey notes as well as it’s fairly low price point. This is true for many Brazilian coffees, however there is a small percentage of unique and interesting coffees that make it out of Brazil and due to the multitude of Brazilian coffee a small percentage is actually quite a lot.

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Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: Brazil, Sitio Sao Sebastiao, Natural
from 250g: £7.75
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: A special lot produced for us by Marcus Aurelio Ricetto of Sitio Sao Sebastiao. This separation is a day pick of red catuai which matures slowly in the shade of eucalyptus trees. Dense stewed fruit notes define this cup. Highly sweet and with a very syrupy...
Save as favourite Blind Owl Coffee: Brazil, Fazenda Rio Verde, Natural
from 250g: £7.49
From Blind Owl Coffee: From a farm managed by growers in the Eastern state of Minas Gerais, these plants enjoy plenty of hours of sunlight a day at an altitude of 750 - 1000 metres above sea level. We’ve found this coffee to have bright fruity notes & a smooth,...
Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee: Brazil, Cachoeira - espresso, Natural
from 225g: £6.75
From Rinaldo's Coffee: For those of you that really like some punch to your coffee and are familiar with our Brazilian offerings, this is a knockout single origin. It is the boldest coffee I've ever roasted, yet retains lovely notes of chocolate, caramel sweetness with a hint of citrusness. Fantastic...
Save as favourite Casa Espresso: Brazil, Pedra Branca, Natural
from 250g: £7.20
From Casa Espresso: This yellow bourbon lot was harvested in the first half of June and was the take to the mill where the ripe cherry will then be separated and sent for pulping to make pulped natural coffee. The under ripe and over ripe are placed on drying patio...
Save as favourite Rounton Coffee Roasters: Brazil, Sparkling Water, Decaffeinated
from 250g: £6.75
From Rounton Coffee Roasters: Our current decaf offering is from Sul De Minas, Brazil. Rich and chocolatey, this decaf has all the hallmarks of a solid Brazilian coffee, without any of the caffeine hit. We are often asked about how is the caffeine removed from coffee, here is a simplified...
Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Brazil, Daterra, Pulped Natural
from 250g: £8.00
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: The Daterra Sweet Collection comes from the renowned Daterra farm in the Cerrado area in Brazil. The farm is famous for its innovative research and respect for the environment. The farm produces extremely high quality coffee beans, especially ones suited for espressos. Sweet collection is...
Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Brazil, Fazenda Colina, Natural
from 250g: £8.00
These factors all lead to a brew with the characteristics of a great natural processed Brazil. Its upfront flavours of milk chocolate, roasted almond and berry fruit along with underlying vanilla sit effortlessly and harmoniously together. Sweetness dominates the taste balance and a low intensity but complex acidity provides structure...
Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee: Half-Caff: Brazil, Decaffeinated
from 225g: £7.50
This is a unique semi-caffeinated blend of 100% Arabica speciality coffee. It is great for those who are a little more sensitive to caffeine.
Save as favourite Dear Green Coffee: Brazil, Fazenda Pantano, Pulped Natural
from 250g: £7.95 - FREE Delivery
Brazilian coffee is world renowned and this speciality coffee from The Cerrado region is exceptional. Farmed at the Fazenda Pantano Estate, the coffee has a highly complex flavour profile with berry sweetness and praline nuttiness.
Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Brazil, Swiss Water, Decaffeinated
from 250g: £7.50
From Artisan Roast: Our Swiss Water® process decaff is 99. 9% caffeine free and bursting with flavours reminiscent of almond, molasses and cocoa. We use the Swiss Water® decaffeination process for our coffee, a chemical free process developed in Switzerland, hence the name, that nowadays takes place in Vancouver. The...
Save as favourite Carringtons Coffee Co: Brazil, Ipanema Coffees Reserve, Natural
250g: £7.50
From Carringtons Coffee Co: Ipanema Coffees Reserve Yellow Bourbon makes an amazing single origin espresso with notes of hazelnut and vanilla. The crema we can achieve with this coffee is spectacular and we’ve found that it doesn’t need to be ground as fine as our Colombian offerings for espresso. This...
Not available to United Kingdom
Save as favourite Horsham Coffee Roaster: Brazil, Inhame, Natural
from 250g: £7.30
From Horsham Coffee Roaster: Brazil Inhame is a small family farm with 28 hectares of coffee trees located near to the town of Campos Altos. We were introduced to the farm by Bruno Souza, owner of Academia do Cafe, a Q Grade, coffee farmer and one of the most experienced...
Not available to United Kingdom