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Dear Green Coffee - Tanzania - Ilomba AA

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Berry Sweetness, Figs, Dark Chocolate.

Ilomba washing station is located in the village Ilomba, Mbozi district in south-Mbeya, Tanzania. The group has 24 members who are constantly working to help improve coffee production and trade, not only for its members but also helps to invest in the neighboring farms to lift the whole area.

In 2012 the washing station lost its investors and ended up in financial difficulties. This led to a drastic fall in production from about 40 tons a year to only 4. In 2013, a financial cooperation with the Tempo Coffee Company group, helped to renovate the station and also contributed much knowledge to the agricultural practices. The group now produces 20 tons of coffee per year, which is a huge increase from the previous year.

Mbeya is one of the highest areas in Tanzania which creates very good conditions for growing coffee. Coffee berries take longer to mature because of the high altitude and therefore usually grow larger than the berries in the other part of the country. This means that harvests generally happen a few weeks later than average.

Altitude: 1850-1900m
Farm/Coop: Wet Mill: Ilomba Factory
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, With milk
Origin: Africa/Tanzania - Region: Mbeya
Tasting Notes: Berry Sweetness, Figs, Dark Chocolate
Varietals: Bourbon and Kent

Roasting and delivery

All coffee is freshly roasted and we aim to dispatch within 24 hours.

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Dear Green Coffee - Glasgow

Dear Green Coffee - Glasgow

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Dear Green Coffee - Glasgow

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