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Caffe Society - Papua New Guinean Bunum WO Peaberry

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Enticing and rewarding, this is not to be missed. Slightly dark notes, tempered by a sweet, fruity finish.

In the cup expect a bundle of smoky chocolate notes on the fore that will certainly raise some eyebrows. But yet that bitterness never once becomes overpowering as those deep and gloriously dark flavours are washed away as a softer, more mellow body opens up to present a tantalisingly sweet finish. All of this is accompanied by an inviting aroma of maple and nut.
Despite sharing a border with Indonesia and having many similarities to famous Sumatran grown beans, Papua New Guinean coffee is a world away from that of its neighbour. Whereas Indonesian beans tend to be wild, untamed and unapologetically flaunt their in-your-face-brashness, Papuan offerings temper that agrarian edge with a more delicate and fruity body. Both bold and beautiful in equal measures, this Bunum Wo Peaberry encapsulates that difference down to a tee.

This peaberry is grown on the rugged hills of the Western Highlands' Wahgi Valley at an altitude of 1,600m, in near idyllic conditions for coffee cultivation. Soaking in plenty of rain and sun, these beans have a real depth of profile that sways from deep, earthy lows to subtly sweet cherry highs.

Exceptional as a filter, this Bunum Wo offering comes alive in milk based drinks where the bold flavours are further brought under control. Alongside the dark chocolate flavours you will be able to spot noticeable notes of caramel, maple and vanilla essence.

If you like traditional Sumatrans and full-roasted espresso blends, then this will certainly appeal to your palate.

Wide scale coffee production in the country can be traced back to the 1920s when a handful of Jamaican Blue Mountain seeds were brought over. As transport links to the island improved, farmers in Papua New Guinea were exposed to a whole host of new varietals and methods that would eventually combine to create something unique.

This selection of beans are from the famed Bunum Wo Estate and it contains a mixture of varietals, including the prized Blue Mountain, Arusha and Caturra. But whilst the varieties may have different traits, all the beans in this selection have one thing in common: They are all peaberries.

Normally, the coffee fruit will develop two beans which then grow together, leaving them both with one noticeably flatter side. Sometimes however, only a single bean will mature. This results in the solitary bean expanding into a rounder form, which is referred to as a being a peaberry bean.

Altitude: 1,600m
Farm/Coop: Bunum Wo
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Milky, With milk
Origin: Asia-Pacific/Papua New Guinea - Wahgi Valley
Process Method: Washed - and bed dried
Tasting Notes: Smoky, dark chocolate, maple aroma
Varietals: Various: Including Blue Mountain

Roasterr: Caffe Society

Caffe Society does not deliver to United Kingdom

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