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Artisan Roast: Ethiopia, Moges Mengesha, Washed

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From Artisan Roast:

A change in the law in Ethiopia brings us the chance to showcase top-notch individual producers such as Moges Mengesha. This level of traceability is a new and exciting thing in Ethiopian coffee: before July 2017, all coffee had to be purchased through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), where it was often blended, making it difficult both to pin down exactly where the coffee came from, and to give credit to the producers.

We can trace Moges Mengesha's coffee right back to one hectare in the deep south of the Gedeo zone in the Yirga cheffe growing region. He grows three local landraces of Arabica - Kurume, Degu, Wolishu - all of which are common in the region.

Moges then uses a longer fermentation time of 32 hours due to the altitude of his farm. After fermenting, channelling and soaking over a period of three days the coffee is dried on raised beds (as with almost all coffee in the region). He delivers his red cherry to a coffee pulping station who keep lots like this separate.

This traditional processing, combined with the new layer of traceability, serves the coffee very well. At Artisan Roast we feel this coffee represents the exceptional quality produced in this area: it is bursting with notes of zesty bergamot, sweet white peach and perfumed florals.

Altitude: 2000m - 2070m asl
Farm/Coop: Moges Mengesha
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter
Origin: Ethiopia, Africa
Region: Kebele Chelchelie, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Yirga Chefe
Process Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: A small farm, single producer selection from the deep south of yirgacheffe. this washed process coffee is bursting with notes of zesty bergamot, sweet white peach and perfumed florals.
Varietals: Kurume, Degu, Wolishu

Roasting and delivery information

We roast every Monday and Wednesday (roasting days). Our cut off for planning orders for roasting is 12 pm on a roasting date. If an order is received after this cut off it will be prioritised on the next roasting day. Most items will be dispatched the next day (Tuesday and Thursday) We send the coffee by Royal Mail 1st Class post, which aims to deliver within 1 working day. For International delivery to Europe we use the Royal Mail International Standard service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days. For International delivery to World Zone 1 & 2 countries we use the Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days.

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