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Coffee for Cafetiere from Ethiopia

The birthplace of coffee, or at least the country that first consumed it. Ethiopia is a country so synonymous with coffee that the word coffee originated from Kaffa, a region in the south west of the country.

Coffee is deeply entwined into their culture with over 12 million people working in or around coffee. Some of the best coffee’s in the world have been grown in this country, the various heirloom varieties that are only found in Ethiopia make each coffee even more special and unique.

A typical Ethiopian coffee isn’t typical at all, taste profiles can be wildly diverse. From a zesty citrus fruit to a bright floral aftertaste to a fruit-forward watermelon. Some of my favourite ever coffees have been Ethiopian. Their washed coffee’s boast layers of complex notes while their naturals are juicy and outlandish. A true coffee lover's coffee!

Discover the finest coffees for your cafetiere or French Press. We've chosen a selection of coffees that are great in a cafetiere from UK artisan roasters.

The cafetiere is one of the most popular ways for making coffee at home.


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Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee: Ethiopia, Hafursa Waro - YIRGACHEFFE, Washed
from 225g: £7.95
From Rinaldo's Coffee: Ethiopian coffees can be a real crowd-pleaser, and we set out to find a green coffee that had all the classic flavours you might expect and are delighted to bring you this coffee grown by Kebede Gedu and family at 1,900m above sea level, processed at the...
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia, Chire, Washed
from 250g: £9.50
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: Chire wetmill is located in the eponymous village of the Sidamo sub-region, in the Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples (SNNP) region of Ethiopia. Over a number of years the region has developed a distinguished reputation for fine coffees, producing some of the most sought-after microlots in...
Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia, Rocko Mountain, Natural
from 250g: £9.00
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Rocko Mountain is back and tasting better than ever. Working in partnership with Addis Exporter a business with over 100 years’ experience in exporting high-quality coffee from Ethiopia this is a natural processed coffee from smallholders based around the Rocko Mountain in Harwich Woreda, Yirgacheffe....
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: House Filter V.9: Ethiopia, Werka Wuri, Washed
from 250g: £7.50
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: Located in the Southern Nations of Ethiopia, Werka Wuri is a BNT owned washing station that processes cherry from over 750 smallholder farmers that surround the Werka Sakaro kebele (village), a few km to the east of Gedeb town. BNT industries are one of the most...
Save as favourite Long and Short Coffee: Ethiopia, Limu, Decaffeinated
200g: £8.00
From Long and Short Coffee: ORGANIC AND DECAF Decaf coffees tend to be hit or miss with many beans losing their inherent flavours due to the decaffeination process, however the Limu bucks the trend with its remarkable retention of flavour. Also boasting an 100% organic certification makes it ideal for...