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The Coffee Roasters - Gift Voucher

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The Coffee Roasters Gift Voucher - a great present for a coffee lover.

Each voucher can include a personalised message.

The Gift Vouchers will be delivered by post or by email. Each voucher contains a unique code and instructions on how to redeem it at checkout.

The Gift Vouchers have no additional processing fees - 100% of the purchase price can be redeemed. The vouchers can be used over multiple orders, so if an order is less then the value of a voucher then the remaining amount can be used in the next order.

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  • To include a personal message or add 'To:' or 'From:', please enter the details in the 'Order Note' field during checkout
  • If you have selected 'Delivery by Post' during checkout, the voucher will be delivered to the 'Delivery Address' specified
  • To redeem the voucher - visit, add desired products to the cart and enter the voucher code at checkout
  • If the order total is more than the voucher value, the extra can be paid using a credit card
  • If the order total is less than the voucher value, another voucher willl be issued for the difference


Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Milky-Frothy, Stove Top, With milk

Roasterr: The Coffee Roasters

Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Initial collection: All the coffee

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Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Rwanda, Bushoki, Washed
from 250g: £7.50
From Artisan Roast: The soaring 1000 peaks of Rwanda’s highlands are home to a myriad of coffee washing stations, the centralised points for smallholders to process their coffee. Almost all of this coffee is the high quality and accessible Bourbon cultivar, or its local variants like Jackson and Mayaguez, so...
Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Bolivia, Trapiche - Geisha, Anaerobic fermentation
140g: £20.00
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: The Geisha varietal is revered by the speciality coffee world and has legendary status. Geisha trees are slow growing and produce fewer cherries and this leads to increased complexity in the cup. This complexity, the layers of flavour, is what sets it apart from other...
Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Colombia, Granja La Esperanzas - Las Margaritas, Natural
from 250g: £10.00
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Another wonderful coffee from one of our favourite farms. A fruit bomb with a lovely vanilla and white chocolate finish, this coffee is great as both a filter or espresso. This is a naturally processed coffee and is incredibly clean with no funkiness which some...

Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.