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Artisan Roast - Cobblestone V2.5 - Blend

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From Artisan Roast:

Two delicious Latin coffees combine in this seasonal espresso blend inspired by the cobbled streets of rural Latin America. Medium bodied, laden with caramel sweetness, berry fruit flavours and a roasted almond finish.

Cobblestone is a fresh, juicy espresso blend with a medium body and harmonious balance of caramel sweetness with bright citrus acidity. It's inspired by the beauty and diversity of Latin America, the ever changing landscapes, cultures and people, the seemingly endless range of coffee flavours to be found throughout the region, and of course Latin vibrance. Throughout this diversity a constant that harmonises the coffeelands bringing a sense of cohesiveness to the region are idyllic rural towns, draped in history with brightly painted houses that line ever present cobbled streets.

Version two point five of Cobblestone brings together three very unique coffees together. First up is a super sweet fruit driven red honey processed coffee from Rolando Ramirez Moreno's farm Montes Urales in Ahuachapan, El Salvador This is a new coffee to Artisan Roast following our sourcing trip to El Salvador. Second is the long term Cobblestone component, Colombia - this time from Jaiber Joven Mercia, a small producer in Guadeloupe, Huila. Jaiber's coffee delivers classic caramel and orange citrus like qualities to the blend, along with a molasses like sweetness. This version of the blend also includes a small proportion of what has become a real Artisan favourite, Bella Aurora from Nicaragua. With a fuller espresso focused roast Bella Aurora brings an underlying hint of almond and milk chocolate to the blend.

When developing the blend it was important to focus on caramel as the centre point of the profile so the roasts of both coffees have been kept pretty light before blending after roasting. This allows the rich dense caramel notes, orange citrus and roasted almond flavours of La Virgen to come through without any roast flavours. These characteristics sit harmoniously with the pronounced sweetness, and flavours of milk chocolate, dried fruit and red berries of the Montes Urales. The low acidity and moreish, dense mouthfeel of Montes Urales bring further depth and complexity to the blend.

Cobblestone takes milk very well and delivers a lighter style of cappuccino or latte where toffee, milk chocolate and a little redcurrant come through with supreme balance.

The blend is primarily designed for espresso but will work in other brew methods. We've put together some brew recipes with supporting tasting notes for different types of coffee maker to start you off. Please use these as a guide only:


Brew Guide: Dose - 19.5g/Yield - 36 - 38 @ 93.0°C/Brew time - Machine dependent in the range of 27 - 30 seconds.
Espresso Tasting Notes: Caramel, dark chocolate, dried redcurrant, red apple, amaretto finish with dense creamy mouth feel.


Brew Guide: Dose - 20g/Water - 280ml @ 94°C/Grind - coarse/Brew time - 4:00
Tasting Notes: Caramel, dark chocolate, red apple, brown sugar sweetness


Brew Guide: Dose - 20g/Water 250ml @ 94.5°C/Grind - Slightly coarser than filter/Brew time - 3:00
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, ameretto, pomegranate, vanilla, lemon citrus acidity, creamy mouthfeel.


Altitude: 1250m to 1800m asl
Farm/Coop: Cobblestone V2.5
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Milky, With milk
Process Method: Washed - and Red Honey Processes
Varietals: Caturra/Castillo, Bourbon/Pacas, Red Caturra/Yellow Catuai/Marracaturra

When do we roast your coffee?

We roast at least every Monday and Wednesday (roasting days). Our cut off for planning orders for roasting is 2pm on a roasting date. If an order is received after this cut off it will be prioritised on the next roasting day. Most items will be dispatched the next day (Tuesday and Thursday). If we cannot deliver the goods within this time we will tell you immediately and agree on another time for delivery. If we cannot agree on another time, we will offer you a refund. We use a range of different roaster sizes so we can batch roast exactly what we need for that day. This means that no coffee will leave our roastery older than the previous working day.

Delivery Method

We send your coffee by Royal Mail 1st Class post, which aims to deliver within 1 working day. This is not a guarantee but an aim. Royal Mail will not class an item as lost or missing for 15 working days. Please get in touch if you have not received your order within 7 working days of dispatch. For International delivery to Europe we use the Royal Mail International Standard service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days. For International delivery to World Zone 1 & 2 countries we use the Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days.

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