Casa Espresso 100% recyclable packaging

Casa Espresso 100% recyclable packaging

by Lloyd Burgess — 07 May 2019

Tags: Recyclable Packaging, Roaster

Casa Espresso have recently introduced 100% RECYCLABLE and CO2 NEUTRAL coffee bags. Here's what they have to say about them...

We are so excited to announce that our 1kg bags is now 100% Recyclable & CO2 Neutral.

We have been trying and testing these bags for a few weeks already, you might have noticed that they looked a little different. Since we have been looking for a best suitable bag that would keep our coffee fresh, while being environmentally friendly, we think we have found the best solution.
These bags eliminate the aluminium film inside the bags, which is used to preserve the freshness, but also made them non recyclable. Our new bags use two plastic films, which enables them to be recycled in the recycle 7 category. Customers will need to check with their local councils if they do recycle them.
Casa Espresso recyclable packaging
Not only, but they are also certified CO2 Neutral. Here you can read more about projects our packaging supplier are working on and how these help reduce CO2 emission.

Our retail bags will also change in the next coming months, with a new design and shape, and they will use the same material as our 1 kg bags, making them fully recyclable.

As a small business we are very careful of our impact on the environment, and we are trying all our best to improve. The cardboard boxes the coffees come in are made of 50% recycled card, and the labels on the coffee bags are fully recyclable too. All our coffee grounds at the roastery, are re-used as compost. While our coffee chaff (dried skin off coffee beans) after roasted is collected and re-used for the bedding of local free range chickens.