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Weanie Beans: Colombia, Passiflora, Washed

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From Weanie Beans:

Hailing from Planadas, Tolima, this coffee has been grown by a collective of 20 smallholders who all adhere to strict criteria of farming, including maintaining native trees as a measure of biodiversity, and not using synthetic pesticides.

The Passiflora smallholders work with Cedro Alto, a producer owned exporter, who helps them with processing and market access. His aim is to promote economic sustainability to improve environmental and social conditions, and as such, they fix prices much higher than the commodity market, with this group making more than 5 times their previous yearly income.

Farm/Coop: Passiflora
Origin: Colombia, South America
Region: Planadas, Tolima
Process Method: Washed Process
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia & Castillo

Roasterr: Weanie Beans

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Initial collection: Weanie Beans - North London

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