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Rounton Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia, Duromina Farmers, Washed

Tasting notes: Apricot, cream, floral

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From Rounton Coffee Roasters:

The Duromina Farmers Cooperative was founded in 2010, and is comprised of 100 farmers, supported by The Coffee Initiative - a project established by Technoserve and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Due to this support, these farmers have been able to set up a washing station, and take advantage of the incredible land their crops are grown on. 'Duromina' is a word that comes from the local Afaan Oromoo language, and means 'to improve their lives'. The fact that this coffee was been judged as the 'best in Africa' back in 2012 is surely a testament to the fact that the production of this coffee is giving these farmers the recognition they deserve.In the cup, expect a balanced, creamy body, with a dried apricot note throughout, and hints of florals (typical of the very best Ethiopian coffees).

Farm/Coop: Duromina Farmers
LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES
Altitude: 1,900 - 2,000masl
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter, Black, With milk
Origin: Ethiopia, Africa
Region: Jimma Zone, Oromia
Process Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Apricot, cream, floral
Varietals: Various Heirloom Varietals

Roasterr: Rounton Coffee Roasters

LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES

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Initial collection: Rounton Coffee Roasters - North Yorkshire

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