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Climpson & Sons - Single Origin: Kirinyaga AA, Kenya

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In the cup, look for tastes of Red Berry, Vanilla and Nectarine

From Climpson & Sons:

Our latest Kenyan is a very special coffee to hit our range here at Climpsons as its our first farmer level direct collaboration in Kenya. This coffee is not grown from one specific farm, rather a small group of 8 quality focused producers working directly with the exporter. The unique thing with these producers, except the quality of their micro region, the state of their land and trees, is that they process their coffee directly on their land. This means that the time from picking to pulping, washing, fermentation, washing and drying is very short. These farmers are by-passing the auction system and by processing/milling the coffees themselves they maintain more power and control to the producers and get more money flowing back directly to them.

We are joining this project with the intention of developing a closer working relationship with these producers and hope this is the beginning steps into a more collaborative sourcing project with Kenya. Our production and quality control team in the roastery cupping and selected this coffee blind so is most definitely a quality driven choice that combined with the ability to start working close with an exciting and innovative project makes this coffee quite unique.




Altitude: 1,500- 1,800 masl
Great for: Aeropress, Filter
Origin: Africa/Kenya
Process Method: Washed
Varietals: SL28, SL34


When do we roast and post your coffee?

All our coffee is roasted to order and dispatched by courier.

Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Collection locations (Free)

  • Climpson’s Arch (Roastery) - Arch 374 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB

Initial collection: Climpson & Sons - London

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Tasting record

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e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.