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Ethiopian coffee

The birthplace of coffee, or at least the country that first consumed it. Ethiopia is a country so synonymous with coffee that the word coffee originated from Kaffa, a region in the south west of the country.

Coffee is deeply entwined into their culture with over 12 million people working in or around coffee. Some of the best coffee’s in the world have been grown in this country, the various heirloom varieties that are only found in Ethiopia make each coffee even more special and unique.

A typical Ethiopian coffee isn’t typical at all, taste profiles can be wildly diverse. From a zesty citrus fruit to a bright floral aftertaste to a fruit-forward watermelon. Some of my favourite ever coffees have been Ethiopian. Their washed coffee’s boast layers of complex notes while their naturals are juicy and outlandish. A true coffee lover's coffee!

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Blind Owl Coffee: Ethiopia, Kochere Banco Gotete, Washed Blind Owl Coffee: Ethiopia, Kochere Banco Gotete, Washed

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Flavour notes: Perfectly balanced, you can expect hints of lavender botanicals & sweet vanilla, paired with bergamot & earl grey tea
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