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Rounton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Mahiga, AB, Washed

Tasting notes: Peach, redcurrant, sparkling

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From Rounton Coffee Roasters:

The Mahiga Factory has 400 members actively harvesting and delivering to the processing center. The factory’s total cherry intake tends to hover around 130,000 kgs, meaning the average member of Mahiga is farming enough coffee fruit for roughly two 30kg unit of exportable green.

Counties like Nyeri achieve very high average prices year after year, thanks to the wet, high elevation conditions, and mineral-rich soil.

Ample water supply in the central growing regions of Kenya has historically allowed factories to wash, and soak, and wash their coffees again entirely with fresh, cold river water. It's no wonder that these coffees taste so clean and well-processed!

We take our Kenyan coffees to a lower end temperature than our other coffees, to really try and coax out the acidity. Having said that, they are also well developed, to avoid any grassy, vegetal notes. They’re quite a tricky one to get to behave in the roaster! We always think of Kenyan coffees as having a quality a bit like lemon curd - they’re bright and a little bit tangy, but they have a really pleasant body underpinning them which totally ties it all together.

Farm/Coop: Mahiga, AB
LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES
Altitude: 1,700 - 1,900 masl
Origin: Kenya, Africa
Region: Nyeri County
Process Method: Washed Process
Varietals: Sl28 & Sl34

Roasterr: Rounton Coffee Roasters

LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES

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Initial collection: All the coffee

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