New roaster: Heart & Graft Coffee Roastery - Manchester

New roaster: Heart & Graft Coffee Roastery - Manchester

by Jo West — 05 August 2019

Tags: Roaster

James was working as a Barista when he set up The Coffee Circle in 2012 after becoming exasperated with the lack of speciality coffee in Manchester. Sean soon teamed up with James as his previous role as a buyer and taster with Lincoln and York had set him firmly on the path of coffee love.

As well as searching out and roasting beautiful coffee gems for coffee shops and customers, these guys have a vision of their roastery as a place where people can come and be inspired by the journey coffee takes from field to cup. Regular cupping events, barista throw-downs and training days all contribute to building a fabulous, integrated coffee community.

In August 2018, after running out of space in their previous home as part of a community of creatives in Greengate, the company moved to a spacious and beautiful old workshop in Newton Heath replete with wooden beams. They’ve since built a training room to help their customers understand what Heart & Graft do and thus in turn how to make better coffee for their customers!

You can find their coffees here.