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Horsham Coffee Roaster: El Salvador Los Nogales, El Roble, Washed

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From Horsham Coffee Roaster:

Brewing: This coffee works well with all filter brewers and espresso. For filter we recommend a 1 - 16 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.5 brew ratio.

Example: Filter: 15g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 45ml

We are very excited to welcome back the amazing El Salvador El Roble back for the second year running. This is an exclusive micro lot that brought to us by our friends at DR Wakefield who have worked for many years with the Salaverria family who own the Los Nogales estate.

Los Nogales is a 30 hectare estate located between 1450 and 1650masl. It is split into three sub plots and we've selected coffee from the El Roble plot. This plot of land is planted with three varietals, Bourbon, Sarchimor and a Bourbon Pacas hybrid. This small microlot was harvested from the Bourbon trees and processed using the double soaked washed method. This is similar to the method used in Rwanda. Coffee is hand harvested and sorted before being pulped to removed the fruit. The coffee is then soaked for 10-12 hours to break down the mucilage. The water is then replaced with clean water and left to soak again for the same amount of time. This results in a clean, bright and very honest representation of the coffee.

This coffee is very different to the natural processed microlot. It's bright, clean and clear with notes of apple, caramel and brown sugar.


Altitude: 1,450 - 1,650 masl
Farm/Coop: Los Nogales
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, With milk
Origin: Central America/El Salvador - Apanaca, Llmatepec
Process Method: Washed - (Double Soaked)
Tasting Notes: Apple, Caramel, Muscavado Sugar
Varietals: Bourbon

Roasterr: Horsham Coffee Roaster

Horsham Coffee Roaster does not deliver to United Kingdom

Initial collection: Horsham Coffee Roaster

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Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.