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Clifton Coffee - Costa Rica: Finca Chayote

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From Andy Tucker - Head of Coffee:

"Once again, we bring you our 3rd Costa Rican micro-lot from the esteemed Aguilera Brothers in the West Valley.

Typically, the cup can be floral, with great sweetness and elegant acidity. Also flavours of Raisin, caramel & red grape… There’s just so much going on in this coffee! As with many great Costa Ricans that we’ve had, particularly the delicious El Beneficio back at the beginning of the year, there’s also a delicious and somewhat ‘signature’ cocoa-like character that gives the coffee a superb body & mouthfeel."
"The Aguilera’s are a total of 12 brothers and sisters all of which are involved in coffee from the time of their parents. The brothers work the mill and farms themselves with basically no hired labor other than pickers during the harvest. With the help of the third-generation, they work the mill, work the drying patios, prune the coffee fields, fertilize, etc year-round.

Most of the coffee farmed by this amazing family is of the Villa Sarchi varietal which is a Bourbon mutation (similar to Caturra and Pacas) found originally in Naranjo, West Valley.

We’re continually impressed with the quality of coffees that we’re getting from these guys and through our partners at Cafe Imports, we’re excited to be continuing the relationship."
Altitude: 1650 masl
Farm/Coop: Finca Chayote
Origin: Central America/Costa Rica - Los Robles de Naranjo, West Valley
Owner: The Aguilera Bros
Process Method: Washed - and sun dried
Varietals: Villa Sarchi

When do we roast and post your coffee?

We roast 5 days a week on our Diedrich IR-12 & CR-25. We roast and rest our EQ & E1 espressos only to a maximum of 10 days so these coffees will arrive ready to use. All other single origins are roasted to order on the next available roast day & sent out within 24 hours.

We recommend a minimum of 10 days rest past roast day on all our espressos and a minimum of 2-5 days rest on all filter coffees.


All UK deliveries will be charged at a flat rate of £2.75 and sent via Royal Mail 24 service.

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