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Clifton Coffee - Colombia: Luis Alejandro Ortega Lot #2

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This is a complex coffee and in the cup look for a clean grape-like acidity, flavours of ripe pears, honeydew melon, passion fruit, pistachio & demerara sugar with a syrupy body.

From Clifton Coffee:

"Yet another outstanding offering from Colombia, this time from Huila. This microlot is part of a special project run by Nordic Approach with the help of Cooperative Coocentral - a professional cooperative dedicated to cultivating the highest possible quality & standard of living for its 3500 members.

The cooperative employs agronomists & technical engineers that work with producers that have been identified for their commitment and potential to help ensure each harvest continues to improve and Luis A. Ortega is one of 70 producers that have been identified by Nordic Approach to help build this particular project that focusses on those exceptional up & coming farmers with the best quality coffee.

The bourbon varietal gives this coffee a delicious sweetness with a more typically rounded body compared to the Ignacio Quintero for example."

Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level
Farm/Coop: Finca la Cabana
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, With milk
Origin: Central America/Colombia - San Augustin, Huila
Owner: Luis Alejandro Ortega
Process Method: Washed - with controlled fermentation for up to 25 hours & dried in parabolic dryers
Varietals: Bourbon

Roasting and delivery information

We roast 5 days a week on our Diedrich IR-12 & CR-25. We roast and rest our EQ & E1 espressos only to a maximum of 10 days so these coffees will arrive ready to use. All other single origins are roasted to order on the next available roast day & sent out within 24 hours.

We recommend a minimum of 10 days rest past roast day on all our espressos and a minimum of 2-5 days rest on all filter coffees.


Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Initial collection: Clifton Coffee Roasters - Bristol

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Clifton Coffee Roasters - Bristol
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