by Lloyd Burgess — 16 February 2018

Tags: Central America, Country, Origin

One of the most famous coffee names in the World alongside ‘Panama Geisha’, ‘Java’, ‘Juan Valdez’ and the infamous ‘Kopi Luwak’ is Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Although Jamaica only produces a relatively small amount of coffee it does have a place in the speciality coffee industry and a long standing reputation for quality. Up until the Jamaican coffee board was formed in the 50’s little was really known about coffee in Jamaica. Since then, with some clever marketing and being one of the first origins in the world to focus on high quality coffee production, Jamaican coffee (specifically Jamiacan Blue Mountain coffee) was one of the first players in the specialty coffee scene.

Taste profiles of Jamaican coffee tend to be sweet-toned and creamy with a mixture of subtle flavours. Although sometimes lacking in complexity they are always an easy sipper and a crowd pleaser around the breakfast table.