by Lloyd Burgess — 16 February 2018

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As a relatively late comer to the coffee industry, Honduras has become the largest producer of coffee in Central America and now produces some of the highest quality coffee in the Americas.

The location and terroir are perfect for growing coffee which is the country's second biggest export. Over 100,000 families are involved in the production of coffee and with the investment in infrastructure and education into processing techniques from the government the coffee industry is booming.

However the infamous leaf rust hit Honduras fairly hard in 2012 with many crops badly damaged, while the large amounts of rainfall is also quite a big problem when drying the coffee.

Taste profiles of Honduran coffee are fairly similar to Guatemalan coffees in that they offer a wide range of flavours. From the Northern forested region of Agalta producing darker nutty and caramel flavours through to the Montecillos region which is famed for more citric flavours and juicy acidity.