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The Coffee Roasters - Decaf Taster Pack

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Our Decaf Tasting Pack provides a selection of four x 100g packs of decaffeinated coffee from multiple regions and roasters. All the coffee is naturally decaffeinated using either the Swiss Water or CO2 (sparking water) methods. The price includes delivery.

The four x 100g bags of coffee will be selected from the following:
  • Nicaragua - Finca La Cascada Decaf - a fantastic decaf from the mountainous region of Dipilto near the Honduras/Nicaragua border. Look for tastes of sweet sultana with cocoa and plums
  • Brazil - Santa Lucia Decaf - a creamy, nutty and sweet decaf with notes of milk chocolate and vanilla
  • Colombia - La Esperanza Water Process Decaf - an all-natural Mountain Water Decaffeinated coffee with tastes of toffee and shortbread
  • Mexico - Las Flores - Mountain Water Decaf - a delightful decaf produced by a small group of farmers in southern Mexico. Look for tastes of malt, vanilla and apple
  • Mexico - Finca Muxbal - this is a sparkling water Co2 decaffeinated coffee from southern Mexico. It has a lovely milk chocolate flavour
  • India - Seethargundu Estate Decaf - this coffee is decaffeinated using naturally carbonated water from underground lakes. In the cup, look for the sweetness of plums, with underlying flavours of cocoa and molasses
  • Honduras - Swiss Water Decaf - a beautiful decaf using the Swiss Water method with a sweet clean cup of apricot and chocolate notes
  • Tanzania - Itende JKT, Decaf - a soft mouthfeel with gentle dark skinned berry fruit notes with a good natural sweetness
  • Decaf Blend - a full flavoured, dark roasted, decaffeinated blend of South American coffees with plenty of depth and flavour with a low acidity
If you have any preferences for specific coffees then please add them to the Notes field during checkout.

Note: To ensure the freshest possible coffee, the individual bags will be sent directly from the roasters - i.e. there will be multiple deliveries.

Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter
Type: Decaffeinated

Roasterr: The Coffee Roasters

Delivery prices to United Kingdom

Initial collection: The Coffee Roasters

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Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
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