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Clifton Coffee Roasters: EQ V.16 Seasonal Espresso

Tasting notes: Cranberry :: fudge :: green apple

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Presenting Clifton Coffee Roasters expertly combined Seasonal Espresso Blend. This coffee is comprised of the following : 45% Columbia – Yerwa Women’s Project (Washed), 20% Rwanda – Nkorara Lot 2 (Natural) ) which hails from the oldest and largest coffee washing station in the country and last but not least 35% Tanazania - Burka/Selian Estate (Natural) from a German settler plantation founded in 1899 and trees planted in 1918!

From Clifton Coffee Roasters:

Our seasonal espresso blend.


The Yerwa are an indigenous community settled in the Cesar region of North Eastern Colombia. In partnership with Café ANEI and the Colombian Government we are supporting the planting of 2 hectares of coffee each and 150 plantain shade trees for 91 women of the Yerwa Community.


Nkora Washing station is the oldest and largest coffee washing station in Rwanda. Located in the Rutsiro district in the Western Province of Rwanda, approximately 150km from the capital – Kigali, Nkora sits on the Eastern banks of Lake Kivu and processes cherries from over 4,000 farmers. The coffee is handpicked, then left to sun dry on raised African beds for 25-30 days.


Burka Coffee Estate was founded in 1899 by German settlers just outside the town of Arusha. The coffee trees were first planted in 1918 and the Burka Estate currently employs 200 permanent staff along with 5000 temporary staff involved in picking / sorting at the height of the harvest season. All permanent staff are provided with housing and with salaries set at least 20% above minimum government requirements. They are also provided with social security, labour union membership, free education and onsite healthcare.

Name: EQ V.16 Seasonal Espresso
Great for: Espresso, Stove Top, Black, Milky, With milk
Tasting Notes: Cranberry :: fudge :: green apple

Roasterr: Clifton Coffee

Brewing notes

  • Dose: 18g
  • Yield: 38g
  • Extraction Time: 27-29 seconds

Clifton Coffee does not deliver to United Kingdom

Initial collection: Clifton Coffee Roasters - Bristol

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Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.