The Coffee Roasters Loyalty Scheme

Our new Loyalty Reward scheme - coming soon...

Here's how it works...

1 - Register for one-off Direct Debit payments

  • You need to register for one-off Direct Debit payments to join our Loyalty Scheme
    Click on Lets get started
  • We use - the UK's leading On-line Direct Debit service. Sign-up is quick, easy and all completed on-line
  • With Direct Debit, you won't need your credit card during Checkout

2 - Buy coffee with your personal Loyalty Code

  • Once you are registered for Direct Debit, we will send you a personal Loyalty Code
  • Use this code every time you checkout, instead of paying by credit card
  • After your order, we take payment by Direct Debit and will add your Loyalty weight

3 - Receive free Loyalty Packs

  • When you have bought 2kg of coffee, we will send you a free Loyalty Pack. When you've bought another 2kg, we'll send you another Loyalty Pack - and so on
  • The Loyalty Pack will typically be a 100g taster pack of coffee
  • Sometimes, we may send you other goodies instead of the taster pack
You may have some questions...

Is there any commitment?

Nope - absolutely no commitment. You can buy as much or as little coffee, as and when you want.

Is there a recurring payment?

NO - This is NOT a recurring payment. We only use the Direct Debit to take payment AFTER you order any coffee.

When do I get my Loyalty Code?

We aim to send your personal Loyalty Code, by email, within 24hrs of registering for Direct Debit.

How does the GoCardless Direct Debit service work

Have a read of the GoCardless Customer FAQ

What happens during ordering and checkout?

You select and add coffee to your Cart as normal. When you get to Checkout and after selecting your address, you enter your Loyalty Code. This will enable you to complete your order without using your credit card.

Can I order from any roaster?

YES - you can order any coffee from any roaster - it all counts towards your Loyalty weight.

I have already bought some coffee - does it count?

YES it does! When we send you your Loyalty Code we will let you know if you have already earned some Loyalty Packs.

What if I forget my Loyalty Code?

Your Loyalty Code is shown when you login to My Account

What if I use my credit card?

Any coffee ordered and paid with your Credit/Debit card will NOT be counted towards your Loyalty Weight

How can I check how far I've got to go?

You can easily check your progress by logging in to My Account. It shows how much coffee you have already ordered, how much more you need to reach the 2kg target and how many Loyalty Packs you have already earned.

Do I have to do anything when I reach 2kg?

No - we will detect that you have reached 2kg and will automatically send you your Loyalty Pack.

Do I get to choose the coffee in my Loyalty Pack?

We will select the pack based on your coffee preferences from your previous orders. We will try and send you a coffee you haven't tried before, from a roaster you haven't tried before.

What about recurring subscriptions?

Yes we now have a personal, flexible, multi-roaster subscription service

I've got some other questions

Please Contact Us - we are happy to answer any other questions you may have.