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Coffee from Tanzania

The history of Tanzanian coffee dates back to the 16th century, when Robusta coffee would have been imported from Ethiopia. Coffee was initially chewed like tobacco after it was boiled and smoked. Nowadays over 90% of the coffee that is produced in Tanzania is grown by smallholder coffee farmers that use a cooperative washing station, however some of the best traceable coffees come from estates that have their own processing facilities.

Tanzanian coffee can differ fairly radically depending on where the coffee was grown. A coffee originating from the Kilimanjaro region can exhibit floral and subtle complexities that are not dissimilar to a washed Ethiopian. While a coffee grown in the Mbeya region can possess a more full bodied richer flavour.

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Clifton Coffee Roasters: Tanzania, Ushindi, Natural Clifton Coffee Roasters: Tanzania, Ushindi, Natural
from 250g: £8.50
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: Mkulima Kwanza AMCOS was founded as a collaboration with Communal Shamba LTD which is 100% founded by young Tanzanians. Harvest is carried out between May and October through selective handpicking of red ripe cherries, followed by further hand-sorting to remove any over or under-ripe cherries. Cherries...
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Blind Owl Coffee: Tanzania, Manjinja, Washed Blind Owl Coffee: Tanzania, Manjinja, Washed
250g: £7.00
From Blind Owl Coffee: A collaboration of twenty neighbouring farmers together in Western Tanzania produce these delicious beans, fully washed with water from the Tumkakai River. The end result is a coffee that has a smooth & syrupy mouthfeel, with a sweet & fragrant depth of flavour. Farm/Coop: Manjinja LETTERBOX...
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Carringtons Coffee Co: Tanzania, Igale co-op, Washed Carringtons Coffee Co: Tanzania, Igale co-op, Washed
250g: £7.50
From Carringtons Coffee Co: We only have 30kg of this coffee ready to roast so it is super special edition. We wanted to add an African coffee that makes a great espresso and that is really accessible with its fruity characteristics and smooth finish. Get it now while you can!...
Not available to United Kingdom
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