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Ovenbird Coffee Roasters - Scotland
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Ovenbird Coffee Roasters - Scotland

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At Ovenbird Coffee we really love coffee.

We are a bunch of guys who are passionate about coffee. We endorse the true Italian coffee tradition. Call it a vision, a dream, a purpose: we want to offer great coffee and work with great people to achieve our goals.  It seems simple, but behind each bag of Ovenbird Coffee beans is a whole intercontinental network of dedicated individuals and a lot of hard work. What drives us is our passion.  What guides us are our core commitments to quality, relationships and exceptional service.

The perfect roast is only possible if it begins with the perfect green bean. We track down and source exceptional coffee by working closely with our trusted partners on the ground and travelling to origin to search the land ourselves. We also like to dedicate time to learning new things along the way ourselves. We are aiming to work with local communities and local businesses. In an era of globalisation Ovenbird Coffee strongly believes that local works much better than global.

Why Ovenbird Coffee?

The Ovenbird is a migratory songbird that takes refuge in heavily shaded coffee farms. Coffee from rustic or traditional polyculture farms provides the best quality habitat for birds. Population outbreaks of some insect species can have a devastating effect on the forest because the insects severely defoliate the trees or attack the bark. Vast areas of forest have been killed during outbreaks in the past. Birds are technologically advanced, highly motivated, extremely efficient, and cost-effective, insect-pest controllers.

Ovenbird Coffee is a nature-friendly business based in local community Scotland.


Sorry - no coffee available from Ovenbird Coffee Roasters - Scotland