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Save as favourite Rounton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Baragwi Peaberry, Washed
from 250g: £8.00
From Rounton Coffee Roasters: The Baragwi Cooperative Society brings together coffees from various farms in Kirinyaga County, including Muchagara, a farm whose coffees we have been impressed with in the past.  A quality Kenyan coffee is like the jewel in the crown of a coffee roaster's arsenal, and we are...
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee Roasters: Kenya, Kagumoini Washing Station, Washed
from 250g: £10.95
From Clifton Coffee Roasters: The Kagumoini factory is located in the Mathira division in the Nyeri district of the Central province. This area has rich agricultural soils and is widely known as the home of Kenyan coffee. All member farmers of the Kangocho cooperative plant their coffees at an altitude...
Save as favourite Foundry Coffee Roasters: Costa Rica, Los Cipreses, Honey Process, Whole bean
from 250g: £10.00
From Foundry Coffee Roasters: Here we have some truly intriguing coffee. Villalobos is a new varietal for us and these beans have also been subject to an experimental 'special black honey' process, all of which makes this a very unusual lot. In the cup, the complexity just builds with every...
Save as favourite Carringtons Coffee Co: Colombia, Finca La Lomita, Natural
250g: £8.00
From Carringtons Coffee Co: This luxurious caramelly coffee will make the perfect start to your day. A definite crowd pleaser! It’s a limited run of only 150 bags. Our first product from Carringtons Coffee Co is just a taster of the specialty coffees we’ll be bringing to you in the...
Not available to United Kingdom
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Showing: 1-20 of 34