• 09:45 Mon 12 May 2014 @TurquoiseBrands @climpsonandsons That Kiawamururu is excellent. I need to get my hands on a bag. -A
  • 09:45 Mon 12 May 2014 The feels I get after consuming an outstanding Kenyan. Think "kittens" and "rainbows". Thanks @climpsonandsons! #Kiawamaruru
  • 09:46 Mon 12 May 2014 I may or may not have had half a litre of beautiful @climpsonandsons Kiawamaruru to myself. You don't really have to share a Chemex, right?
  • 09:46 Mon 12 May 2014 thats the game today! beautiful combo by @climpsonandsons sons on both grinders...this kiawamaruru is delicious!:) http://t.co/p2tTNcw5RV
  • 09:46 Mon 12 May 2014 @climpsonandsons my eyes got a bit misty after my first sip of yer Kenyan kiawamaruru. juice box for grown ups. Ridiculous enjoyment!
  • 09:47 Mon 12 May 2014 Always interesting to have a new roaster on the board, @climpsonandsons Doyo Co-Op & Kiawamaruru now on filter.