• 17:06 Thu 08 May 2014 Im still enjoying the taste of yesterday's gatomboya pourover. My favourite coffee this year so far. @artisanroast
  • 17:07 Thu 08 May 2014 Kenyan Gatomboya Chemex for 2 #coffee #chemex @artisanglasgow @artisanroast http://t.co/LRw1KyDBxQ
  • 17:07 Thu 08 May 2014 Wow, still can't believe I won. Melbourne here I come. Thanks @artisanroast for this special coffee #gatomboya http://t.co/HY1a4sYtR0
  • 17:07 Thu 08 May 2014 Good luck to @surfmister in the World Brewers Cup. I hear he's brewing @artisanroast 's Gatomboya, great coffee!
  • 17:16 Thu 08 May 2014 Saturday morning cupping with @artisanroast Winner: Kenya Gatomboya. Of course. http://t.co/f8jj5A7Tco
  • 17:17 Thu 08 May 2014 @kaffeinelondon #saturdaycoffee Kenyan Gatomboya from @artisanroast, #v60, wonderful stuff. http://t.co/hw9CuHOvSD
  • 13:49 Thu 29 May 2014 Gatomboya Bourbon SL28 Kenya by @artisanroast (Edinburgh, Scotland) - 93 points. Review: http://t.co/WiWUkJlTJA
  • 13:48 Thu 29 May 2014 @artisanroast YUM that Gatomboya that I picked up from Bruntsfield this morning is amaaazing. Good work!!
  • 10:18 Tue 27 May 2014 26-May-2014: Crisp, sweetly and elegantly tart. Black currant, dark chocolate, night-blooming flowers, pungent sandalwood in aroma and cup. Richly and deeply tart acidity; lightly syrupy, lively mouthfeel. Flowers, black currant, sandalwood all saturate a resonant though drying finish. Read more on coffeereview.com