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Ponticelli® Espresso was born in 2009 out of one familys’ love of Quality Coffee. Mark and Stephen Bergin, a Father and Son team in Waterford had been in the Coffee industry for several years as agents for imported coffee brands, when they grew tired of the lack of a quality local offering in the south east of Ireland. So they decided to do it themselves, and set about researching Roasting Equipment, and coffee recipes. Countless gallons and kilos of coffee later, and they had their first and still most popular blend, Cafe Creme . Cafe Espresso soon followed, and from there Cafe Milano, and Cafe Roma, Superiore and San Marco, the ever evolving and growing Ponticelli® range soon grew a reputation for quality coffee, produced locally. Ponticelli®, literally meaning little bridges, was named after a suburb of Naples visited on a family holiday many years before.

name: Ponticelli Espresso;url: www.ponticelli.ie;location: Unit 3 Kilcohan Industrial Complex, Kilcohan, Waterford, Ireland;profile_image_url: www.ponticelli.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/about.jpg;twitter_handle: @PonticelliE;updated_at: 06-May-2015 16:01;role: roaster;


location: Unit 3 Kilcohan Industrial Complex, Kilcohan, Waterford, Ireland
name: Ponticelli Espresso
profile_image_url: www.ponticelli.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/about.jpg
role: roaster
twitter_handle: @PonticelliE
url: www.ponticelli.ie