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Dear Green Coffee Roasters are a Speciality Coffee Roaster based in Central Glasgow. At Dear Green we are passionate about sourcing naturally delicious coffee from wonderful coffee farms! Our prime focus is to only roast recent crop coffee of exceptional quality and cup flavour. We ensure that our direct trade sourcing partners have audited each coffee farm for social and environmental practices. We are committed to forming lasting relationships and working with small farms where we can make a difference to the local community by paying premium prices which are higher than the cost of production and commodity coffee market prices. Join us in our journey in the investment of the future of quality speciality coffee.

name: Dear Green Coffee;url:;location: 5 Airds Lane (Bridgegate), Glasgow, Scotland, G1 5HU;profile_image_url:;twitter_handle: @CoffeeGlasgow;updated_at: 09-Mar-2016 16:09;role: tcr-roaster;


location: 5 Airds Lane (Bridgegate), Glasgow, Scotland, G1 5HU
name: Dear Green Coffee
role: tcr-roaster
twitter_handle: @CoffeeGlasgow