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Weanie Beans: Honduras, Finca Innovación, Natural

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From Weanie Beans:

Now in its third generation, Mauricio Peñalba oversees the family farm, Finca La Innovación, with the help of his family. He is dedicated to improving the standards of production, biodiversity and processing on the farm, and has introduced new methods of working such as growing fruit and pine nut trees amongst the coffee, which has helped create a unique micro climate and create homes for native birds. A new, and simple, innovation such as this has helped in more ways than one - the introduction of new fauna and flora has helped to generate organic matter which can be repurposed as fertiliser.

Mauricio has previously worked with the COMSA co-op (a name you might recognise if you've been enjoying our coffees for a while) , and this has helped him to develop his organic production, and with this new knowledge, he's seen the quality and consistency of his coffee improve dramatically. And now, in a bid to differentiate his production from others, he is experimenting with natural processing, of which this is a very fine example, full of intense fruit.

Farm/Coop: Finca Innovación
Origin: Honduras, Central America
Owner: Mauricio Peñalba
Process Method: Natural Process
Varietals: Cataui, Icatu, Bourbon

Roasterr: Weanie Beans

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Initial collection: Weanie Beans - North London

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