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The Coffee Officina - Takengon - Indonesia

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From Rory at The Coffee Officina:

Rich and spicy aroma with hints of berry fruit. Notes of raisin, hazelnut and caramel. A full body with a balanced acidity.

This coffee is sourced from various small producers from the town of Takengon, in the far north-west of Sumatra.

Like most coffees produced on Sumatra, this coffee is wet-hulled, according to the traditional Giling Basah method. Growers pulp their cherries at the farm, then partially dry the mucilage before sending the crop to millers who remove the parchment in a semi-wet state. It is thought that this process gives Sumatran beans their distinctive bluish-green appearance. After being stringently dried, this coffee has been dry milled to the highest standard, removing all defects via a variety of sorting processes.

We chose this coffee because of the traditional processing method used in Indonesia, which gives the coffee a very unique and distinctive character.


Altitude: 850-1500 masl
Farm/Coop: Small family farms of Takengon
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Milky, With milk
Origin: Asia-Pacific/Indonesia - Aceh Province, Sumatra
Process Method: Washed - Wet Hulled / Giling Basah

When do we roast your coffee?

We normally roast on a Tuesday and send out coffee Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders received before 12pm, will be sent out the same day. Otherwise it will be sent the day after.

Delivery Method

We send out any orders that weigh below 2kg with Royal mail. Anything above that will be sent with a courier

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The Coffee Officina - Essex

The Coffee Officina - Essex

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The Coffee Officina - Essex
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