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Horsham Coffee Roaster - Rwanda Gishamwana Island

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Almost all the coffee produced in Rwanda is grown and harvested by small hold farmers who deliver their ripe cherries to local washing stations. We've found an amazing microlot grown on a very small island in lake Kivu! Tasting notes: Bright berry notes, super clean with raisin and lime notes.

Gishawama Island has over thirty five thousand coffee trees planted with environmental harmony in mind. This farm is in transition to becoming certified organic and is currently farmed with organic farming practices amongst forestry that provides a level of shade much greater than typical African coffee. The island is isolated from the mainland of Rwanda which significantly reduces the levels of pests that damage the coffee trees. Coffee wastage is kept to a minimum by separating coffee cherries into separate lots. The best are kept to one side and processed using the fully washed method. The one that we have purchased is one of the best lots available this year from the island.

All the trees are cared for by hand and the cherries are hand harvested and processed on the island at the small washing station. Cafe Imports have produced a great video which can be viewed here

Altitude: 1500-1650 masl
Farm/Coop: Gishamwana washing station
Great for: Aeropress, Filter
Organic: still awaiting official approval
Origin: Africa/Rwanda - Gishamwana Island, Lake Kivu
Process Method: Washed - and sundried
Tasting Notes: Bright berry notes, super clean with raisin and lime notes.
Varietals: Bourbon

Roaster: Horsham Coffee Roaster


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Horsham Coffee Roaster
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