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Dear Green Coffee - Sumatra Wahana - Longberry

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PROFILE: Lychee, Marzipan, Vanilla
The Longberry variety is said to be named after its appearance. The size of this Wahana Longberry is relatively long and thin in comparison with other varieties.

The Longberry variety was thought to be originated from Ethiopia because of its similarity to Longberry Harrar (a natural mutation from Typica variety). In Indonesia, Longberry was known to be grown only in Aceh but some years ago Wahana Estate brought the coffee to their estate in the Lake Toba area and grew it as a trial. They have now developed a unique profile that is quite different to the Aceh Longberry.

Wahana Estate was established in 2005 and is located in Lae Mungkur village, Sidikalang sub-district, Dairi district, North Sumatra – Indonesia. Historically, Sidikalang is one of the most popular coffee producing regions in Indonesia. Wahana Estate is located exactly in GPS coordinates of N02o41’06.9” and E098o20’56.2”.

Wahana Estate plantation spans across an area of 468 Ha. This comprises 250 Ha for coffee plantations, 30 Ha for coffee nursery, 10 Ha for coffee processing facilities (mills), 100 Ha for Natural Reserve and the remaining area for growing vegetables, composting factory, worker facilities, other facilities and guest houses.

They have implemented CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and established a clinic to serve their workers for free. In addition, they have established good relationships with small farmers by creating the Farmers Support Center which helps farmers by giving information about coffee farms’ management, distributing shade trees, organic fertilizer and coffee seeds to farmers for free.

Altitude: 1250m - 1300m
Farm/Coop: Sumatra Wahana Estate
Great for: Aeropress, Espresso, Filter
Origin: Asia-Pacific/Sumatra - Sidikalang
Process Method: Washed - Sun Dried
Varietals: Longberry

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All coffee is freshly roasted and we aim to dispatch within 24 hours.

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Dear Green Coffee - Glasgow

Dear Green Coffee - Glasgow

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