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Climpson & Sons - Seasonal Espresso: Autumn Edition

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Climpson & Sons seasonal espresso for Autumn - v2 - is from Finca La Cumbre, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Tasting of Pear, Honeycomb and White Chocolate.

From Climpson & Sons:

Our goal with the seasonal espresso is to develop fantastic and innovative single origin roasts that work well with shorter milk drinks, but are talking points as espresso.

We've been witness to some truly extraordinary coffees in the seasonal espresso the last few years; our continued emphasis on farm-to-roaster relationships ensures we see the best quality, seasonal coffees coming from the same farms ever year.

With our second Autumn seasonal coffee, we looked again towards Huehuetenango in Guatemala again, this time to Finca La Cumbre. Juan Bernardo started the farm only 6 years ago, and is one of the pioneers for bringing coffee growing to this region. Previously no coffee could grow as the altitude was too high and during the cold months, the coffee would freeze at night. Sadly, due to climate change, it is now possible to grow coffee plants as this part of the mountain no longer freezes.

Due to the youth of this farm, the soils are full of nutrients that encourage healthy growth in the coffee trees. As production has increased so has the farm, with a nursery specifically tailored to growing plants from seeds. With the help of his family, Juan Bernardo, has been able to continue expanding his farm with his own plants in a self sustaining manner.

We looked to Huehuetenango again for our seasonal, after having such a wonderful offering from Rosma, Guatemala, we have again managed to secure another great coffee that we are extremely excited about.

Like much of Central America, roya (or leaf rust) has become an increasing problem, limiting production quantities and quality. Leaf rust is a fungus that attacks the leaves of the tree, leaving the plant with no energy to produce coffee cherry. Juan Bernardo is working to keep his farm healthy and fertile with increased care and regular pruning. The resulting cup continues to shine with crisp pear acidity, white chocolate body and a smooth honeycomb finish.

Altitude: 1,650 masl
Farm/Coop: La Cumbre
Great for: Cafetiere, Espresso, Milky, With milk
Origin: Central America/Guatemala - Huehuetenango region
Owner: Juan Bernardo
Process Method: Washed
Varietals: Bourbon & Catuai

Roasterr: Climpson & Sons

Climpson & Sons does not deliver to United Kingdom

Initial collection: Climpson & Sons - London

Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.