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Clifton Coffee - Rwanda - Buf Peaberry - Washed

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From Clifton Coffee:

A bright and beautiful coffee from Rwanda. With an intense honeysuckle aroma and flavours of black cherry, pomegranate and a honey sweetness. It has a medium, smooth body with complex acidity and delicate florals on the finish.

This coffee makes a great fruity filter and works well as a bright and interesting espresso too.

Buf Café Washing station is owned by an inspiring local woman Epiphanie Mukashyakain. She was widowed during the 1994 genocide – which claimed over 800,000 lives in just 3 months. She chose not to leave her family’s small coffee farm and instead she set about rebuilding and developing her business and with it the local community.

The level of care that Buf washing station takes over their processing is impressive. Cherries are hand-picked only when fully ripe and then pulped that same evening using a mechanical pulper that divides the beans into three grades by weight.

After pulping, the coffee is fermented and then graded again. The wet parchment is then soaked in water for around 24 hours to stabilise moisture content

Washed beans are moved from the wet fermentation tanks onto the pre-drying tables, where they are intensively sorted under shade.

Next, the beans are moved onto the washing station’s extensive drying tables for around 14 hours, where they are sorted again for defects, turned regularly and protected from rain and the midday sun by covers, ensuring both even drying and the removal of any damaged beans.

After reaching 11% humidity, the coffee is then stored in parchment in a warehouse prior to final dry-milling and hand-sorting at the dry mill.

We are proud to support Epiphanie’s project and the local farmers from this area.


Altitude: 1,660 and 2,100 masl
Farm/Coop: Buf Cafe Washing station
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, With milk
Origin: Africa/Rwanda - Nyamagabe District in the Southern Province
Owner: Epiphanie Mukashyakain
Process Method: Washed - and sun dried on raised African drying beds
Varietals: Red Bourbon Peaberry

Roasterr: Clifton Coffee

Clifton Coffee does not deliver to United Kingdom

Initial collection: Clifton Coffee Roasters - Bristol

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Tasting record

Method Dose Grind Time Volume Comments
e.g. Espresso 18g Vario 1E 25secs 30ml A bit finer next time would be better.