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Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Bolivia, Trapiche - Geisha, Anaerobic fermentation

Tasting notes: Super complex, look out for jasmine flower, lychee, honey sweetness and a coriander seed finish

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From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters:

The Geisha varietal is revered by the speciality coffee world and has legendary status. Geisha trees are slow growing and produce fewer cherries and this leads to increased complexity in the cup. This complexity, the layers of flavour, is what sets it apart from other coffees. Expect a floral aroma, delicate acidity balanced with sweetness, lingering mouthfeel and subtle peppery finish. We are lucky in our job to experience stunning coffees but this has to be one of the best we have ever had in our workshop. It is, as we say in the coffee world, a proper banger!

Trapiche is one of the 5 farms that the Rodriguez family owns in Samaipata. The farm is located between 1,550 and 1,700 masl and is shaded with native trees. Some wild forest patches have been encouraged as part of the crop mix on the farm keeping the biodiversity rich.


Farm/Coop: Trapiche - Geisha
Altitude: 1700 masl
Origin: Bolivia, South America
Region: Region Of Caranavi
Process Method: Anaerobic fermentation
Varietals: Geisha

Roasterr: Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

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Initial collection: Cast Iron Coffee Roasters - West Sussex

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Tasting record

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