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Caffe Society - Brazilian Chapadão De Ferro

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Cupping Chart for Caffe Society - Brazilian Chapadão De Ferro

Caffe Society - Brazilian Chapadão De Ferro Cupping Chart

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A stickily sweet coffee sourced from Brazil's only volcanic coffee farm, the Chapadão de Ferro estate.
It's delicious, with a thick taste and a medium body. Initially there's an onset of sweetness in the cup; think the dark flavours of molasses backed up by a saccharine wave of demerara sugar and marzipan, all topped off with a bitter chocolate finish.

This Brazilian bean works really well as a filter, but it comes into its own as an espresso.

With the presence of milk the sweetness still remains but it's slightly tempered by the accentuated presence of the sultana and dried fruit notes.

This micro-lot was grown by Ruvaldo Delarisse, a long-standing coffee farm who probably has coffee running through his veins. His grandparents started a coffee farming business in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, before they moved north to Minas Gerais where they purchased the rather unique Chapadão de Ferro farming estate in the 1980s.

The name of the farm translates as 'The Iron Plateau', which gives something away about what sets coffee from this estate apart from its peers. The fields used by the farmers here are extremely rich in iron and other minerals, something of a rarity in this part of the world. But what is more striking (and imposing!) is that Chapadão de Ferro is located in the vicinity of a dormant volcano.

In these volcanic soils Delarisse and his family carefully cultivate a handful of varieties of arabica. Once the beans are picked they are then manually sorted by hand, washed and then dried on patios which lie underneath the baking Brazilian sun. Before being packaged and shipped, the beans are given the once over and hand-sorted for a second time, ensuring that only the best beans leave the farm. With attention to detail like that it's no surprise that the Delarisse owned estate grows some wonderful coffee: Lots from Chapadão de Ferro have achieved Cup of Excellence status in the past two years (8th in 2015 and 17th in 2014), and and this offering, which contains only 16-18 screen sized beans, isn't far behind those in terms of overall quality.

Altitude: 1,260m
Farm/Coop: Chapadão de Ferro
Great for: Espresso, Milky, With milk
Origin: South America/Brazil - Patrocinio, Minas Gerais
Process Method: Natural (Dry)
Tasting Notes: Molasses, marzipan, Bitter chocolate
Varietals: Acaia, Bourbon, Catuai and Mundo Novo

Roasterr: Caffe Society

Caffe Society does not deliver to United Kingdom

Cupping Chart for Caffe Society - Brazilian Chapadão De Ferro

Caffe Society - Brazilian Chapadão De Ferro Cupping Chart

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