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Artisan Roast - El Chollo Honduras

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Cupping Chart for Artisan Roast - El Chollo Honduras

Artisan Roast - El Chollo Honduras Cupping Chart

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Seasonal fruit sensation. A delicately balanced cup, full of stone fruits and toasted walnuts. Milk chocolate aroma, and a mouthwatering finish of ripe plums, autumn is here.

San Pedro de Tutule sits a little east of the larger and more well know coffee centre of Marcala. Back when Honduras was better known for producing bulk commodity coffee, Marcala was a little beacon of quality. Recent years has seen this beacon shine brighter and quality focused farmers are now getting visibility and recognition for their coffee.
One such farmer is Carlos Mejía Rodríguez, whose commitment to selective harvesting and innovative drying techniques at El Chollo has paid off with this delicious micro lot. Carlos ensures that only ripe red cherry is processed at this small farm of less than three hectares, and once processed the coffee is dried on raised beds in solar driers. Keeping the coffee protected from the cool, often damp harvest season in driers like this helps quality and product longevity in Honduras. This may seem unusual, but while neighbouring countries can more readily rely on warm dry conditions to dry their coffee, the picking season in high areas of Honduras often has more in common climatically with a late September walk in the Trossachs. Within the safer environment of the solar driers the drying can be managed over a two week period, allowing the true characteristics of farm and variety to be preserved in the coffee.

Carlos' coffee has fast become a favourite in our café's for it's clarity and sublime fruit notes that shine through as a filter. It has a refined, almost effervescent structure and stone fruit characteristics dominated by ripe plums. Underneath a little walnut, vanilla and milk chocolate support the fruit notes without detracting from their clarity.

Altitude: 1650 asl
Farm/Coop: Fince El Chollo
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Filter
Origin: Central America/Honduras - San Pedro de Tutule, La Paz
Owner: Carlos Ernestor Mejía Rodríguez
Process Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: A delicately balanced cup, full of stone fruits and toasted walnuts. Milk chocolate aroma, and a mouthwatering finish of ripe plums
Varietals: Red Cataui

When do we roast your coffee?

We roast at least every Monday and Wednesday (roasting days). Our cut off for planning orders for roasting is 2pm on a roasting date. If an order is received after this cut off it will be prioritised on the next roasting day. Most items will be dispatched the next day (Tuesday and Thursday). If we cannot deliver the goods within this time we will tell you immediately and agree on another time for delivery. If we cannot agree on another time, we will offer you a refund. We use a range of different roaster sizes so we can batch roast exactly what we need for that day. This means that no coffee will leave our roastery older than the previous working day.

Delivery Method

We send your coffee by Royal Mail 1st Class post, which aims to deliver within 1 working day. This is not a guarantee but an aim. Royal Mail will not class an item as lost or missing for 15 working days. Please get in touch if you have not received your order within 7 working days of dispatch. For International delivery to Europe we use the Royal Mail International Standard service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days. For International delivery to World Zone 1 & 2 countries we use the Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed service. This has a delivery aim of 5-10 days.

Collection available?

Yes - from Artisan cafes

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Cupping Chart for Artisan Roast - El Chollo Honduras

Artisan Roast - El Chollo Honduras Cupping Chart

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