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Artisan Roast: Brazil, Fazenda Trapiá, Pulped Natural

Tasting notes: Flavours of caramel, candied orange and green mango combine in this award winning brazilian coffee.

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From Artisan Roast:

This coffee from Fazenda Trapiá won first place Minasul co-operative quality competition in the pulped natural category, and showcases the refinement and accessibility possible from Brazil.

The farm Trapiá and owners Andréa de Souza Rangel and Renato Pita Maciel de Moura are no strangers to awards and have placed several times in both the natural and pulped natural cup of excellence competitions in recent years. The farm started as the fulfilment of a dream to own a coffee farm and the couple have managed to create a structure where coffee quality sits harmoniously with redevelopment of areas set aside for indigenous flora.

Care and attention to detail are part of Andrea and Renato’s approach to coffee processing too. All lots are regularly monitored during the drying and changes in the moisture content managed. The end results deliver refinement, flavour and quality.

This selection is very much in the vein of a classic pulped natural Brazilian coffee. Flavours of caramel and candied orange citrus for the main flavours from which supporting flavours of green mango, vanilla and milk chocolate can be found depending on the brew method. These flavours are sweet in nature and the taste balance of Trapiá leans more to sweetness with a more subtle orange citrus acidity providing balance and persistence.

Altitude: : 1050m -1400 m asl
Farm/Coop: Fazenda Trapiá
Great for: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Stove Top, Black, With milk
Origin: Brazil, South America
Region: Três Pinheiros, Baependi, State Of Minas Gerias, Brazil
Owner: Renato Pita Maciel De Moura And
Process Method: Pulped Natural (semi-washed)
Tasting Notes: Flavours of caramel, candied orange and green mango combine in this award winning brazilian coffee.
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon

Roaster: Artisan Roast

LETTERBOX friendly (single bag): YES

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