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These are special coffees including Cup of Excellence and exclusive Micro Lots. They may cost a little more however you will experience some amazing tastes.  Don't wait around though, they are normally in very limited supply.

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Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Ethiopia, Rocko Mountain, Natural
from £9.00
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Rocko Mountain is back and tasting better than ever. One of our favourite coffees; a light roasted natural yirgacheffe roasted for both filter and espresso. Expect high complexity, full body and incredible sweetness. Flavour notes this year are of strawberry, peach, melon and a dark...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Black, Cafetiere, Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, Espresso, Ethiopia, Filter, Fruit, Milky, Natural (Dry), Special, Stove Top, Sweet, With milk
Save as favourite Artisan Roast: Malawi, Chisi Zone, Washed
from £8.00
From Artisan Roast: Chisi is a washing station in the northern Misuku region of Malawi near the border with Southern Tanzania. The station serves 79 smallholder families and takes its name, which means ‘darkness’ in the local Ndali language, from the hillside it is built on – so called because...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Artisan Roast, Black, Cafetiere, Citrus, Filter, Fruit, Malawi, Special, Sweet, Washed, With milk