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These are special coffees including Cup of Excellence and exclusive Micro Lots. They may cost a little more however you will experience some amazing tastes.  Don't wait around though, they are normally in very limited supply.


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16 shown - one doesn't match preferences
Save as favourite Frank and Earnest Coffee - Ethiopia - Mormora Farm - Natural Process
from £9.50
Flavour notes of strawberry, dark chocolate and lime. A very special coffee that has achieved a cupping score of 90. 75. To really appeciate this coffee we recommend brewing using a pour-over(V60) or Aeropress. . Altitude: 1800-2000 MASL Farm/Coop: Mormora Great for: Aeropress, Filter Origin: Africa/Ethiopia Owner: Haider Abamecha Process...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Ethiopia, Filter, Frank and Earnest Coffee, Fruit, Natural (Dry), Special
Save as favourite Climpson & Sons - Single Origin: Thunuguri AA, Kenya
from £9.50
From Climpson & Sons: Flavours of Pomegranate, Plum, Demerara Sugar. Brewing - Push for a higher extraction on this juicy Kenyan by using a larger 1:17. 5 ratio for filter. You'll find all the gummy sweetness you'd expect from a Kenyan with fruity notes of Ribena for all you nostalgia...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Climpson & Sons, Filter, Fruit, Kenya, Special, Washed
Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee - Single Origin - Ethiopia: Moata
from £7.50
From Rin: We're absolutely chuffed to receive our first Ethiopian bean. It scored 90. 75 on the SCAA cupping table, which is an exceptional standard. (90 -100 on the Total Score Cliassification is "Outstanding")You'll appreciate the typical tangy flavours that Ethiopian coffee gives - with this bean we love the...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Citrus, Espresso, Ethiopia, Filter, Floral, Fruit, Rinaldos Coffee, Special, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite Rinaldos Coffee - Single Origin - Burundi: Ntarambu
from £8.00
From Rin: We're delighted to have another African coffee in our collection: our first from Burundi. A combo of the Typica and Burbon varietals, this is a typically floral coffee with a sweet body and hints of lime, clove and cocoa. It's actually grown close to our current Rwandan offering...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Burundi, Cafetiere, Chocolate, Citrus, Filter, Rinaldos Coffee, Special, Spice, Washed
Save as favourite Casa Espresso - Ethiopia Kayon Mountain
From Nino @ Casa Espresso: This is a big coffee that packs a fruity punch. Huge aroma of ripe tropical fruits, with a strawberry sweetness and a lime acidity, finished with a creamy body. Location & Farmer - This coffee is from the Guji zone of the Oromia region. Grown...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Casa Espresso, Chocolate, Espresso, Ethiopia, Filter, Floral, Fruit, Natural (Dry), Special, Sweet, With milk
Save as favourite Casa Espresso - DR Congo Latumba
from £6.20
From Nino @ Casa Espresso: The blue mountain varietal is originally a mutation of the typical varietal from Jamaica, highly prized for its cup quality. We found this coffee to have a bright and complex acidity, with notes of citrus fruits in particular limes, and a refreshingly silky mouthfeel that...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Casa Espresso, Citrus, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Filter, Special, Washed
Save as favourite Foundry Coffee Roasters - Moata, Duromina - Ethiopia - washed
from £7.75
From Lee @ Foundry Coffee Roasters: Moata means 'Champion' in the Afan Oromo language and there may never have been coffee more aptly named (with a cup score of 90. 75, it has champion credentials too). In the cup, you can expect to find a wonderfully syrupy sweetness alongside peach...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Espresso, Ethiopia, Filter, Foundry Coffee Roasters, Special, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite Ovenbird Coffee - Tanzania Peaberry Gombe - 350g Bag
From Ovenbird Coffee Roasters: We are proud to announce that the coffee from the Gombe Reserve Projects finally available. All of Sustainable Harvest’s and the Tanzanian farmers’ labour has certainly paid off. They have trained 5000 farmers to produce a coffee that has been recognised worldwide as “Speciality Coffee”. In...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Fruit, Ovenbird Coffee, Special, Sweet, Tanzania, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite Cast Iron Coffee Roasters - Muhura - Rwanda - Natural - Filter
from £8.00
Jellybeans & Blueberries. From Guy at Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: We did purchase this coffee with espresso in mind but with a different roast profile it does also produce a clean fruity filter coffee which is guaranteed to make you smile !With this natural processed coffee we have chosen, sorting...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Cast Iron Coffee Roasters, Filter, Fruit, Natural (Dry), Rwanda, Special, With milk
Save as favourite Casa Espresso - Ethiopia Duromina
From Nino @ Casa Espresso: An exceptional washed Ethiopian. Bright, floral, sweet, fruity. Complex acidity, stoned fruit, berries, apple, sugary sweet and huge floral tones. A superb filter coffee. Location & Farmer - This coffee consists of heirloom varietals grown at 1900-2000 metres above sea level in the Oromia district...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Casa Espresso, Ethiopia, Filter, Floral, Fruit, Special, Sweet, Washed
Save as favourite Artisan Roast - Chisi - Malawi - Washed
from £7.45
Fruit filled, medium bodied and a perfect start to the day. Tangy orange marmalade leads through to a fragrant plum finish, green tea and a delicate effervescent grape like acidity. From Artisan Roast: Chisi is a washing station in the northern Misuku region of Malawi near the border with Southern...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Artisan Roast, Cafetiere, Citrus, Filter, Fruit, Malawi, Special, Sweet, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee - Kenya: Kagumoini Peaberry
from £7.85
This coffee has a mellow lemon acidity with flavours of black cherry, fig & blackcurrants. From Clifton Coffee: Nyeri is known for coffees with most intense, complex, and flavor-dense cup profiles worldwide & this peaberry is no exception. Kenya typically throws up the most unique and delicious range of flavours...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Cafetiere, Clifton Coffee, Espresso, Filter, Fruit, Kenya, Special, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite Horsham Coffee Roaster - Tasting Selection - 5 x 100g Bags
A tasting box of 5 x 100g bags of coffee beans showcasing Horsham Coffee Roasters' approach to blend creation and single origins. The selection will usually feature a selection of their coffees available on their website and occasionally something new and exciting before it's released for purchase online. Great for:...
Tags: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso, Filter, Horsham Coffee Roaster, Milky, Special, With milk
Save as favourite Rounton Coffee Roasters - Kenya Gathiruini AA - washed
from £7.00
From Rounton Coffee Roasters: This is another fantastic washed coffee from the Technoserve project that is brilliant as a filter or aeropress. The light roasting brings out sweet & juicy blackcurrents, butter & more blackcurrents!The Gathiruini factory is located in the Githunguri division of the Kiambu district just north of...
Tags: Aeropress, Africa, Filter, Fruit, Kenya, Rounton Coffee Roasters, Special, Washed
Save as favourite Climpson & Sons - Single Origin Sampler Pack: Filter Coffees - 4 x 250g Bags
A single origin Sampler Pack containing: Fields v21: Gera, Ethiopia (Washed) - Apricot, Honey, Chamomile Uraga, Ethiopia (washed) - Nectarine, Honeysuckle, Berry Sorbet Ilomba #19, Tanzania (washed) - Blackberry, Plum, Ceylon Tea Thunguri AA, Kenya (washed) - Pomegranate, Plum, Demerara Sugar From Climpson & Sons: The best way to try...
Tags: Aeropress, Cafetiere, Climpson & Sons, Espresso, Filter, Fruit, Special, Tasting Pack, With milk
Save as favourite Clifton Coffee - E1 Project - Direct trade - Single Origin Espresso: Finca Bella Vista
from £4.95
A single origin, direct trade coffee from El Salvador especially roasted for espresso in two roast profiles. In the Medium Roast look for caramel, black cherry, tangerine & milk chocolate and with the Dark Roast you can expect flavours of rum, raisin, walnut and dark chocolate. From Clifton Coffee: "In...
Tags: Cafetiere, Central America, Chocolate, Citrus, Clifton Coffee, El Salvador, Espresso, Milky, Special, Sweet, Washed, With milk
Save as favourite 918 Coffee Co - Jamaican Blue Mountain - 300g Bag
Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is noted for its mild & subtle flavours, good body, wonderful aroma and lack of bitterness. It has developed a reputation amongst coffee lovers as one of the most desired and expensive coffees in the world. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain comes from the world renowned Wallenford...
Tags: 918 Coffee Co, Aeropress, Cafetiere, Central America, Filter, Jamaica, Special
Not available to United Kingdom