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Peruvian coffee for Filter

A country blessed with epic landscapes, mysterious history and many different cultures, Peru has an enormous amount of places to be explored. It is also one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.

As in many Latin American countries Peru has experienced a fairly turbulent past and the coffee industry has at times suffered because of the countries circumstance. In the 70’s when the government pulled out their support of the industry, coffee production sank, with very little infrastructure existing.

Although Peruvian coffee production has now fully recovered from the lows of the 70’s, infrastructure still remains a problem in certain areas of the country, in particular logistics. Some farms have to transport unprocessed coffee to mills that are situated much further away than typically desired.

With the tourism industry booming and Peruvian cuisine amongst the most talked about in the world, more speciality coffee is staying put in Peru. The progressive nature of the country is also leading to pioneering coffee farming and processing, biodynamic coffee is one of a few techniques that the Peruvian coffee industry is now using.

Taste profiles of Peruvain coffee are normally light in body with mild acidity, they can be flavourful and aromatic but don’t hold the complexity that some other origins in the Americas can possess. The northern region of Cajamarca has recently produced some exciting coffees, with its desirable geography and terroir the coffees have balanced acidity with a pleasant sweetness.

Looking for coffee that's great in a filter? Look no further. We've hand picked the best coffees for your filter or pour-over method from our range of UK artisan roasters. All our coffees are delivered fresh from the roaster straight to your door.

Popular filter methods include V60, Kalita Wave and Chemex.

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Rinaldos Coffee: Peru, Santa Rosa, La Lucuna - microlot, Washed Rinaldos Coffee: Peru, Santa Rosa, La Lucuna - microlot, Washed
from 225g: £7.75
From Rinaldo's Coffee: Julio Rafael Gonzales owns a 10-hectare farm where 1. 5 hectares are planted with 6,500 coffee trees, a mix of Bourbon and Caturra varieties. He is a member of the Santa Rosa, cooperative Lima Coffees. Coffee on his farm is picked ripe and depulped either the same...
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Rounton Coffee Roasters: Sparkling Water Decaf: Peru Rounton Coffee Roasters: Sparkling Water Decaf: Peru
from 250g: £6.75
From Rounton Coffee Roasters: Our current decaf is a blend of day lots from producers across San Ignacio and Jaen, Peru. 31 different producers contributed coffee to this lot, and each lot was delivered indivually to the Falcon warehouse in Jaen. Producers in San Ignacio and Jaen province on average...
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Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Peru, Lima Coffee, San Ignacio, Washed Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Peru, Lima Coffee, San Ignacio, Washed
from 340g: £9.75
From Cast Iron Coffee Roasters: Lima Coffee was founded by Rony Guerrero in 2016.   Having previously worked in quality control with one of Peru’s largest exporters, Rony was very aware of the quality and potential some producers have, but saw those coffees get blended into large commercial lots. Consequently...
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